Nearly 100 cops respond to angry crowds after teen shot by Salt Lake City police

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UPDATE: Salt Lake City police released a statement Sunday, stating the teen was one of two suspects in an alleged assault and that he continued toward the victim after being told to stop and drop a weapon.

The teen's family has identified the teen as 17-year-old Abdi Mohamed, who was in critical condition at a hospital and reportedly in a coma. The Salt Lake City Mayor and the local leader of the NAACP have both commented on the incident. Click here for the update.

Previous story continues below:

SALT LAKE CITY -- Police shot a male involved in a fight in the Rio Grande District of Salt Lake City Saturday night, and crowds of angry people shouted and threw things at officers—prompting a massive police response.

FOX 13 News first heard reports of shots fired in the area of the 300 South and Rio Grande Street just before 8 p.m. Just after 10 p.m., Salt Lake City PD confirmed it was an officer-involved shooting.

Witnesses at the scene tell FOX 13 News' Robert Boyd police officers shot a teenage male who was involved in a fight with an older man. Saturday, the teen's family identified him as 17-year-old Abdi Mohamed. He was shot three times, according to his family, and he was reportedly in a coma.

"I don't have much details on the shooting itself," said Det. Greg Wilking of the Salt Lake City Police Department, adding later, "That's what it sounds like: There was an altercation taking place, and our officers intervened into that altercation."

Sunday, police offered an official statement in a press release, stating Mohamed and another suspect were allegedly assaulting a male with metal objects. Police stated one male dropped his weapon when police gave that order, but Mohamed "continued to advance on the victim and was shot by officers."

The shooting prompted an angry reaction from witnesses who said they felt police did not give the teen a chance to surrender. There is a homeless shelter and other services nearby, contributing to the high number of people on the streets in the vicinity.

"The police said, 'Drop it', once, then they shot him four times," Selam Mohammed, who witnessed the shooting, recalled. "We were trying to break it up before the police even came, but the police ran in on foot and pulled their guns out already. They already had them, like, as soon as he was running he was already grabbing for his gun, not even trying to Tase him or anything."

Salt Lake City Police initially confirmed two officers were involved and that at least one officer fired shots, but prior to Sunday's press release offered few other details.

The Unified Police Department is investigating. Utah law requires that all officer-involved shootings be investigated by an outside agency.

Officers from various agencies, including Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Unified PD and Utah Highway Patrol, responded and were observed attempting to get several large crowds of people to disperse from the area. FOX 13 crews at the scene reported there were hundreds of people scattered among several groups spread over the area.

Police respond to report of a shooting in Salt Lake City February 27.

Police respond to report of a shooting in Salt Lake City February 27.

"Our officers called for more assistance, several people were agitated in the crowd," Wilking said. "Our officers started arriving on scene, encountered a lot of hostile people upset about what had taken place. And we began clearing the area so that we could preserve the scene that's in there."

Officials said nearly 100 officers responded during the course of the incident, and some police were observed with riot gear.

Some people were yelling at officers, while others reportedly threw rocks, bottles and other debris. Police said some officers may have been injured after members of the crowd threw items at them, but did not provide specific details.

Sunday, police stated a total of four people were  arrested due to crimes relating to civil unrest.

The Utah Transit Authority tweeted that TRAX rails were closed in the area as police responded, and they encouraged FrontRunner passengers to avoid the area. By about 11 p.m., normal TRAX service was resumed.

Several blocks in the area of the Gateway Mall were closed to traffic as police worked to clear the scene. Fans attending a Utah Jazz game at the nearby Vivint Smart Home Arena stated on Twitter an announcement at the game directed them to avoid that area when travelling home.

FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


  • Bob

    Why cant we ever see the whole interview with the police?!!!! Swith to channel 5(ksl) to ACTUALLY GET THE FULL STORY!!

    Way to drop te ball on this one!!!! Im think im done with fox13

      • Bob

        Hey bob, While i agree with ur comment,(reason why u and i are here),, I was just talking about the fact that ksl had the entire interview with the cops, While fox13 was on commercial

  • Bob

    Most business keep cleaning materials in the far reaches of their buildings; sometimes even locked up, So how does one wind up with a broomstick on a downtown city street? Brought with intent?

  • Dominique

    Why is a 17 year old who is the victim of abuse or attack… a “boy”. But a 17 year old black kid with a broom stick who is shot… is a “man” ?!?!?!?

  • CJ

    I’m not saying that black lives don’t matter, I just find it a little ironic that the blacks saying it won’t acknowledge the fact that more black lives are lost due to violence from other blacks than will ever be list at the hands of cops.

    • Ash

      Ok, white people are killed by white people at 82%, that still wouldn’t justify a white person being gunned down unjustly by people who are supposed to serve and protect. Cops are not judge, juror and executioner. They are supposed to bring them in so they can have a trial. Stop with the racial undertones.

  • Sam Westfahl

    As I understand the situation, the teenage guy was assaulting am older man with a sharpened brrom handle, this essentially makes it a spear, I support the actions of Salt Lake City officers. I also strongly suspect that alcohol played a significant role in the violent reaction of the crowd.

      • Bob

        Im guessing when a 16 year old BLACK kid grabs a broomstick, some people see a “SPEAR” ffs,, Why couldnt he be tasered?? What adult cant stop a 16 year old??


        The real question is why wasn’t this 17-year old father at home with his son? If you’re a father then act like one.

  • Alyssa Dowell

    Am i the only one who feels like ever since the incident with Officer Barney happened, “officer involved” shootings have been happening WAY too often?!

    • Dom

      Officer shooting happen all the time and are actually quite common. Its just the media has been blowing a few up lately for views. It is the same reason why you don’t here as much about ISIS as when it first popped up because people aren’t all that interested in the event anymore. The media bases its content on views and riots after shooting tend to get a lot of views.

  • PCmac Bob

    The problem with all of this is that where there is a crowd there is going to be problems if that crowd has just one person that is stupid. Just go home and not be a looky loo and cause problems yourself by being there. Police are hired to protect us but when you are outnumbered by a bunch of nuts and you don’t know if any of them are carrying a weapon what do you expect.

  • liberalssuck

    I wouldn’t even attempt to leave a response at KSL.The moderators are liberal dirt with an agenda and the only comments(other than pro gay,Pro minorities,pro democrat,pro illegal immigration)are,”oh how sad”,oh “how terrible”,”I hope he or she is going to be ok”,”how sad for the family”.KSL is a bastion of free speech but ONLY for liberals,like most of the MSM in this country since ovomit took office.

    You dint want to get shot by police,mind your own business,don’t attack police,don’t pick up a broomstick with the intent of doing another individual bodily harm,not your job.

  • bob

    Wannabes are having visions of free televisions and basketball shoes.

    Bear in mind that Utahns have more guns per capita than all most any other people on the planet before you go a-lootin’. This will end badly for you.

  • Badman50

    Just wait, they will be getting help from their friends in Ferguson soon. Try to make it as big a deal as possible. These people just want to be “Gangstas” and get what they ask for.

  • JoJo Sacaza

    I just seen this on the news …and yes it is sad that this boy got shot like that but I’m sorry but why this 17 year old boy who they said He was trying to turn his life around was fighting a way older person them him with a stick at a place where they sell drugs and ect with his girlfriend and their child at 8 o’clock at night … when they are saying that they have a place to live in west valley …Then they also said he was drinking …..So I hope they bring more people to look all around in this case and all people who is involved in this…..

  • Haydee

    Im sorry but why in the world are police not trained to physically reatrain aggressors who do not have obviously dangerous weapons. I mean a broomstick really!! 2 or Four grown man can’t take down a teenager physically?That’s just ridiculous! Is the flaw in the training?Do not touch people or shoot to maim just shoot to kill. Why?

    • C

      And then get hit from behind from his friends? please, There isn’t time to hold on and take a minute to go through the alternatives.

    • Lucky

      This can also be thought of as why didn’t Mr. Broomstick drop his weapon when the police officers had guns aimed at him. Why was Mr. Broomstick beating up an elderly person with a sharpened weapon? Why didn’t any of the outstanding members of the community stop the beating of the elderly person, especially since you are saying he was not a threat to anyone. Would you have stepped in before the police arrived and taken the weapon from Mr. Broomstick or would you have been afraid to approach?

    • Woundtag

      Because shoot to maim has a larger chance of missing it mark and causing more harm. The chest is on average around 18 inches wide it’s the largest part of the body to target. As far as 4 to one odds for overpowering a a criminal all it takes is one good stroke and one of those 4 police officers may not be going home. These men and women have to make these decisions everyday, I’m not saying all of them are perfect but I really have a hard time symphizing with someone who is assaulting another person. People need to grow up and realize life isn’t rainbows and unicorns. Tazors are great alternatives to deadly force but then the officers that already had a gun drawn would have to holster his weapon and reach for a tazor. The man should have listened to the lawful orders of the police.

  • William Helu

    I am retired from law enforcement.If shoot a suspect who threatening you with a broom stick , you should be terminate.Police Officer suppose to be patience , in this case the officer should take all the time he need to bring the incident to a peaceful conclusion.

    • Lucky

      I worked very closely with law enforcement for years, the good and the bad. Their response to the circumstances would be to say that they were not there and did not have enough information to form an opinion at this time. I do not believe you are a retired law enforcement officer. Judgements should not be made until the investigation has been completed.

  • Toni Anthony

    What a world! Yet another story of policemen doing their jobs to include free the world of a young black slug. I say the officer should be given a letter of commendation and a parade! Way to go officer! As for the slug who witnessed this? Hopefully they’ll learn to do as they are told by a police you know folks? The man/women who wears blue and has a gun! No doubt will this slug’s mama etc., will start their usual circus and mama showing pictures of better days of the slug and this is only for mama to make application for a ghetto lottery pay out! Some black women are the worst! Men? Black men? Sitting back in the corner like he’s told to do after all! Black women wear the paints these days!

  • Sam

    Well just listening to this mess of a situation. I’m not going to give the officers a pass but the young man should have dropped the broom stick. I wonder if the boy was white would he have shot so quickly.

  • Chris

    Good salt lake city take your city back from these criminal on patrol. Cop. We here in America do not need to keep wasting tax dollars to pay criminals to masquerade as law enforcement.
    Shut down every police department natoin wide we are civil enough to take care of our own problems without having to call for help only to get murdered.


      Chris represent the mentality of your typical blowhard. He’s a loser with daydreams of be superman. Sadly Chris doesn’t have the guts to express his opinion to a real live policeman because they frighten him.

    • EAM7219

      Chris, obviously you don’t have the mental capacity to really understand what a world without police would be like. People have interactions with the police everyday without issue, the ones who have the issue are the ones who can’t understand how to act in civilized society. If police were truly murders, as you claim, we’d probably see occurances of them killing sex offenders not wanna be gangsters. Try to use that brain of yours.

  • Floetic XpressionZ

    A 16 year old teen was shoot! And the Police did It! Like they always do when they think a non-human is involved! Smdh! But mass murders can be arrested with our harm… cop killers can be arrested with out harm… ooops that is if you are the special skin code! Rolling My Eyes!

  • Floetic XpressionZ

    A 16 year old teen was shot! And the Police did It! Like they always do when they think a non-human is involved! Smdh! But mass murders can be arrested with our harm… cop killers can be arrested with out harm… ooops that is if you are the special skin code color! Rolling My Eyes!


      You like repeating yourself Floetic? This 17-year old father should have been at home with his son. That’s what real fathers do.

  • Randy Andrews

    Seems to me that the officer should have used more force against the protesters, It also seems that the shooting was legally justified but perhaps not necessary unless the guy was swinging the club in a way that was intended to injure another. I know it some how makes it less threatening when you mention age and that it may have been a broom stick for those idiots not in law enforcement, so I suggest my 16 yr old grand son who is 6ft tall hit you a few times with a similar stick and shove it in you eye or up your aress to make the point that it was a weapon. But for the crowed that throws a bottle or rock at anyone to include the police need to be shot on the spot to prevent injury to the targets of these moronic thugs. At best they should have been run down and beaten with a baton, I do hope the guy survives. it is a sad case but one brought on by the guy that was shot.

  • DJ23

    Where were all these “witnesses” during the fight?… Standing around encouraging the attack? Why didn’t they break up the fight… After all, ALL those witnesses and ONE teenage boy with a broomstick! Their stories sound made up and don’t fit the situation AT ALL.


      These losers have found a source of free food and weather is warming up. The location they’ve picked makes a perfect breeding ground. Why would they want to move?


    Chris Rock offers some tips on how not to get your @ss kicked by the police. Then he suggests that some people need to get their @ss kicked by the police. This is the opinion of an African American so you be the judge.


      Bravely spoken Steven. Why don’t you march right down to police headquarters and show us how it’s done.
      You won’t be missed.

  • Bj hustle

    people coming here who understand that police are abusing their authority and use of force please don’t attempt to argue with racist white people who want to support them. Ignore. The police weren’t even called for this incident but decided to intervene because they saw a white man fighting a black kid. ( if I was a kid fighting a grown man of course I would have a weapon) The fact that he had a broomstick doesn’t support the use of deadly force. Period. I’m sure a trained officer can handle a teenager wielding a broomstick. Would be difficult to penetrate a bulletproof vest with a wooden stick


      Always nice to hear the educated opinon of a fine upstanding citizen like BJ Hustle. What’s on your resume? Are you a bank president or just another common ordinary drug dealer?

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