Missing 1-year-old girl found on golf course after climbing out of crib, out front door

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah - A 1-year-old girl is back with her family after she some how climbed out of her crib, through the house and out the front door.

Officers said the 17-year-old babysitter was watching the girl, went to the bathroom and by the time she came back, the child was nowhere to be found.

The sitter searched with neighbors and called 911.

Police searched the house and the surrounding area with K9s and a helicopter.

They eventually found the girl alone, strolling on the Glenmoor Golf Course about two hours later.

"It's not super cold and from what it appears, the child wasn't real affected by it," South Jordan Sgt. Eric Hill said. "She was still doing pretty good and could talk just fine."

The toddler's mother took her to be checked at the hospital as a precaution; she was not harmed.

Officers said no charges will be filled.

They suggested the family install child safety locks on all the doors to keep this from happening in the future.


  • Mom of three

    OR you could always lock your doors.

    I know people here don’t think that’s a necessity but in all other places in the US it’s kind of a thing.

    • Diane M. Filmer

      Must have been a pretty long potty break for a 1 yr old to get out of a crib, all through the house, out the door and no where to be found for 2 hours ! Locking doors helps also ! ……. Glad the baby was found safe, she had an angel watching over her for sure, so many things could have happened to her……. Hope there are some changes and some rules and guidelines for the babysitters also !!!!

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