Sex-ed belongs at home not in classroom, lawmakers decide

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The birds and the bees were the topic of discussion at the Capitol Tuesday night as hundreds of people attended a meeting to voice their opinion about a sex education bill that was eventually voted down.

House Bill 246 would have given parents the choice to enroll their children into enhanced sex education classes that focus on a variety of topics from puberty, to STDs to birth control to pregnancy.

"We have to accept the reality that teens do choose to have sex and that we should not be restricting information from them," said supporter Jose Jacon.

Bruce Rigby spoke out against the bill.

"This is about abortion people, this is the ground shaking in the United States because of abortion right here," Rigby said.

Rep. Brian King, D-Salt Lake City, who sponsored the bill, said there are a lot of epidemics that need to be stopped.

"I want to see sexually transmitted diseases going down, I want to see unintended pregnancies going down, I want to see abortion use going down," King said.

However, those against the bill say talking about sex in the classroom will only increase these problems.

"Inappropriate sexual related behaviors come from this," said Jeremy Boberg.

Those in favor of the bill say sex among kids is something that can't be ignored.

"Many of the students in these classes have already experienced unwanted sexual contact. It's very critical for them to have accurate information," said Alana Kindness.

After a short discussion, the majority of the committee said they believed sex education should be taught at home, not in the classroom.

"I think it takes away the responsibilities of the parents, what their role is as a society," said Rep. Michael Noel, R-Kanab.

King said many parents are not qualified to teach their kids about sex.

"How many parents know the difference between a sexually transmitted disease and sexually transmitted infection? How many parents know the difference between gonorrhea and chlamydia, not many," King questioned.

King said he is disappointed about the decision but he's not surprised. He plans to bring this bill back to the legislature next year.


  • Anotherbob

    The amount of stupidity by those against sex ed is palpable. You think educating kids on sex/safe sex/stds is going to INCREASE everything? You actually think today’s parents are going to do an adequate job educating? Teen birth/abortions/stds would go up and these morons would then wonder why. Let’s cut education to make people smarter about something, yeah good thinking Johnson.

    • bob

      It’s a demonstrable fact that demographics that depends the most heavily on the schools handling the subject have the highest teen birth and STD rates.

      The government can’t even get trains to run on time. The stupidity of those who continue to believe the government is more competent than they are is……understandable. Only a moron would believe that, and we certainly don’t want morons to be teaching our kids about sex.

      On second thought…..go ahead and rely on the government. People who think the government can do a better job are usually right. Just don’t force it on MY kids.

      • wick308

        Really? Is that why Utah has the highest teen birth rate per capita in the United States? The highest. Not only is this a consensus, but I see it every day in the hospital. That and holy crap the std’s. Sometimes I feel like I work right next to a Korean military post. You are right, it just has to be because the government is teaching see Ed. Oh yah, lmao they don’t here.


        Actually Utah ranks 45th, and that takes into accout the fact that Utahns are less likely to terminate their unborn babies. New Mexico comes in at #1.

        When kids want to be promiscuous and act like alley cats no amount of education will prevent them from reaping the consequences.


      Many educators are confused about their own sexuality. Sex is linked with morality and morality should be taught in the home. There are consequences attached to behaving like an alley cat.

  • Razor

    Another example of the legislators from temple square pulling the puppet strings. Im still waiting for the Church to tell us which Presidential candidate to vote for.


      The United States is a Republic Razor which means it has a form of government in which power resides in elected individuals representing the citizen body and government leaders exercise power according to the rule of law.

      Don’t like who the majority of Utahns vote for Razor? Tough. Move to a state that is more to your liking.

  • Kate

    If they want to take sex Ed out of schools because it’s a personal matter, why don’t we also remove nutrition and physical education? So many people take care of their bodies based on personal beliefs. I’m so glad I live in a state where we vote to make our children even more naive. Not.


      Nutrition and physical education arn’t moral issues Kate. You seemed to have survived without sex-ed in the school system.

  • warriormom

    Than GOD we don’t have all morons like King on the education committee who actually LISTEN to their constituents when it comes to personal matters like ‘Sexuality Ed” which is actually what “Comprehensive Sex Ex” means, meaning, to site an example. ..If you teach a Civics class in Public Ed, you learn how, where and when you vote, but this new version of ‘Sexuality Ed” is like being taught WHO and WHAT to vote for! This should be addressed in the home, with a doctor, or mentor or leader. Btw studies show teen pregnancy on the decline to unwed mothers. The majority of teen pregnancies here in Utah are attributed to our young marriage age rate, not “alley cat” behavior, , although we will never fully eradicate sexual promiscuity, no matter how much you teach about STDS and birth control, in fact studies show higher rates in states with “Comprehensive Sex Ed”


    This may surprise liberals but all young people aren’t promiscuous and ready to jump into bed with everybody who is ready and willing. Decent parents teach their children basic principles of morality. Issues dealing with morality out outside the purview of the public school systems, and we don’t want teachers who are confused about their own sexuality trying to pass their confusion on to our children.


      Some mothers love and protect their unborn children. Some mothers kill their unborn children. Which kind are you?


    Trying to pin the responsibility for your decision to terminate your unborn baby’s life is like blaming a speed limit sign for you getting a speeding ticket. It doesn’t sound like HAPPYNOODLEGIRL’s mother did a very good job explaining chastity to her.

  • Joni Greenwell Bycroft

    Will they be sending us some kind of curriculum? I’m not sure how to teach a sex ed class to my son. Would it take place at the dinner table, or what? Not sure if the school will send us some kind of memo, and educational materials. What should we be expecting? this is kind of confusing.


      The public school system isn’t prepared to help you with basic concepts of chastity and morality Joni. You’d be better served by going to your religious spiritual adviser, pastor, priest, or possibly your own mother for help on this basic topic.

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