Police: Man shot self after 6-hour standoff with SWAT team in Murray

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Murray man killed in SWAT standoff - Tyler Persellin

Murray man killed in SWAT standoff - Tyler Persellin

MURRAY, Utah - A standoff with the SWAT team ended with one man dead in Murray after about six hours overnight; Unified officers said it appears the man shot himself.

The situation started at about 8 p.m. Sunday at a woman's home near 584 W. and 6400 S. where authorities said her ex-boyfriend, 29-year-old Tyler O. Persellin of Midvale, forced his way inside.

When officers arrived, Persellin fired at them and hit one officer in his gun holster but he was not seriously injured.

"The suspect turned and fired at the officer and actually struck him in his holster," Murray Officer Kenny Bass said. "The officer returned fire and the suspect turned around back into the residence and went inside."

The woman and others who were in the house got out unharmed.Murray standoff SWAT shooting

Officers said they threw a phone into the house to try to make contact but were never able to reach Persellin.

After several hours the SWAT team went into the house where they found Persellin dead; it appears he shot himself.



    Ex-boyfriends don’t have the right to force themselves into a former girlfriends home. The home owner should have plugged him during his initial attempt to get into the house. Sounds like the woman made the right decision to dump him.

  • wick308

    Reading your responses and damn. This is society? Ya’ll have no idea the situation, yet you believe a.) the media, and b.) just follow the masses. Sigh, sad ya’ll are just sheep. He was obviously disturbed, and in need of help. Sad he ended his own life. Ya’ll are heartless. And before you respond, I am not a liberal, but have seen a lot of my fellow soldiers commit suicide in similar situations. But this is society, this is the masses opinion. Ya’ll suck.. And yes ya’ll suck for free!

    • Anotherbob

      Was Tyler your current boyfriend? This is an online forum where people can post whatever they want pretty much anonymously, if you don’t like the comments go over to ksl where everybody is happy and everything is censored. You need a bottle of Johnson & Johnson “No Tears” shampoo.

    • SheepDog

      If he needs help, he should seek help. NOT force his way into his ex-girlfriend’s home and NOT shoot at officers. Just because someone has a mental illness it does not absolve them of all responsibility or allow them to threaten others. I’m sad that it ended this way, but better this way than him injuring or killing a third party.


      Give the ex-girlfriend credit for dumping this loser Wick308. If the media got this story wrong then enlighten us instead of boring us with your silly drivel.

    • TRUTH

      Yeah Wick308, by definition you are a bleeding heart liberal. Nothing in this story suggests that this puke was a former soldier or had more than his share of mental illness. Nobody will care enough about his passing to pay for an obituary in the local newspapers.

  • Adam Bradford

    I’ve known Tyler since elementary school, through high school and forward. He was a great friend who was laid back and always smiled, and those memories will always be how I remember him no matter what kind of light you all paint him in. Over the years I’ve lost touch with him, only to find out today of his passing, and through Google search finding and reading this troubling and heartbreaking article. I’m not saying I condone what he did, and I’m thankful no one else was injured during the incident, but people don’t go from being laid back, gentle, and caring to going on a rampage with intent to harm or kill without something extreme triggering this state. Without the autopsy results I cannot be sure what set him off, but I am damn sure he was never a violent person, nor did he show any signs of mental instability through the many years that I’ve known him, although with the way mental disorders tend to display themselves, it could very well have been the cause. I’ve known friends and acquaintences who were seemingly stable, happy people suddenly snap and become extremely depressed, paranoid or schizophrenic, and end up in a mental hospital or commiting suicide. Like I said though, I will always keep the good memories with me, no matter what you all think of him. He was my friend, and I miss him.

    • concerned

      Thank you Adam! I worked with him everyday and every person loves him, he was our gentle giant- all these comments make me sick, have some compassion people!

    • wick308

      I 100% agree with you. My comments were meant to make people aware that they do not know all the circumstances, and believe what the media paints. I think the people putting all the “good he has died” comments are heartless. He was a human being, I saw so much death over in Iraq in the two tours I spent there. I am sick of senseless death, where some who have never experienced such evil seem to condone it with their insensitive comments they choose by the masses to attack me for my comments. It just shows how ignorant people are. I am truly sorry ya’ll lost your friend and loved one. As for seeking help. When you are mentally unstable do you really think you would just throw up your hands and say “I need help”? No not usually. Ya’lls negative comments and glorified kill them all attitudes are alarming. Until you see the dirty side of humanity, you have no idea what you are talking about. So just live in your fantasy world of your sheltered reality and keep talking out of your ass, because it’s so common now to hear such opinions from pathetic couch patatoes hell bent on talking and never changing or doing anything about it.

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