Judge orders Susan Hunt to accept $900K settlement over son’s death by police

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah - On Monday, a federal judge ruled that Susan Hunt must accept a settlement from the city of Saratoga Springs regarding her son, Darrien Hunt's, death at the hands of police.

Hunt's family said she rejected the $900,000 settlement because it prevented her from publicly speaking about the case.

Cindy Moss, Susan's sister, said the family is extremely disappointed with the judge’s ruling and Hunt is working with her attorney on appealing the decision.

"We're outraged by the lack of justice that's going on," Moss said.

Darrien Hunt was shot and killed by Saratoga Springs Police outside a Panda Express in September 2014. The shooting was ruled justified.

"It just prevents her from disparaging or saying negative things about this whole incident," said Heather White, attorney for Saratoga Springs.

According to court documents, in July 2015 Hunt wrote an email to her attorney at the time, Robert Sykes, saying she will, "reluctantly accept $850,000 to $900,000."

There is also a phone conversation on record in which Sykes tells Hunt, "The non-disparagement clause is a deal breaker for them (Saratoga Springs) and you told me that it was OK, you would go ahead and sign it, you would go ahead and sign it with that clause in there, right?”

Susan goes on to say, "I will sign it, yes."

Moss said Hunt didn't realize what she was agreeing to, and how extreme this non-disparagement clause is. On Aug. 28, 2015, Hunt fired Sykes and on Sept. 10, 2015 she announced she was refusing the settlement.

"Even 20 years down the road my sister cannot write a book about what really happened, Susan cannot talk in court if they bring a court case against the police department, that's when she's going, ‘I can't do it,’" Moss said.

"If the parties continue to have this dispute in public, in a very public way, which it has been the case, then it doesn't accomplish any of the reasons for the settlement," White said.

Moss also wants to remind the public that the $900,000 settlement is not going to bring back Darrien or give them any closure.

"Our only reason to even care about a dime of that money is to get Susan out of Saratoga Springs, period," Moss said.

Sykes was reached for comment but he only said, "the judge’s ruling today speaks for itself."


  • Spencer Reid

    If she doesn’t really want the Settlement, She can donate a portion of it to me, I could put it to good use.

  • mr. ed

    I find this amazing get stoned attack officers with a sword run towards a populated area with civilians get shot and your family can sue for close to a mil? Really I understand human lives matter but this is just ridiculous.


    While being arrested for drunk driving Susan Hunt told the trooper: ‘You know what I know, you would be very grateful to rape me in my [expletives deleted],”?
    Susan may be a lot of things but a decent human being isn’t one of them.

  • Malik Dayo

    So they’re going to force her to take a settlement that she didn’t agree to? They’re also going to enforce a gag order so she can’t speak about what she knows of her son’s death? This isn’t Democracy… This is Hypocrisy!!!!

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcolm X


      @Malik Dayo
      If only Darrien Hunt had listened to the hints and tips given by Chris Rock he’d still be alive today.


      By the way Malik, Susan didn’t have to accept the agreement but she got greedy, agreed to it, and thereafter had second thoughts. She’s filled with cancerous hate and will never know a day of happiness ……. even after she’s spent all the money her attornies don’t get first.

    • bob

      You’re not very bright are you. She’s on record as understanding and agreeing to it, then signing the document.

      Typical liberal: You believe women should have infinite do-overs, and are never responsible for their own decisions.

      She saw dollar signs and a chance to cash in, then was talked out of it by slimy lawyers with their own agendas.


    The Blacks were unsuccessful in their attempt to turn this into a racial issue. If this were Ferguson Missouri they would have achieved their racist goal.

  • bob

    In her defense I’d say, based on recent events, she was probably drunk at the time.

    But there is no question that she signed the agreement, and was told what it means in very clear English. Therefore, she’s breaking the agreement. It is null and void. The correct response, at this point is to refuse to pay her and let her rant all she wants. Nobody except liberal morons are taking her seriously anyway.


    Her first attorney, the one she fired, will get his share of the award or $300,000 +/-. Her current lawyer will bill her for his services, and she’ll squander more money if she loses her next appeal and has to pay lawyers on both sides of the case. She is a perfect example of how Karma works.

    • MNICE

      Wow, you clearly have never lost a child. You know maybe she just can’t move on from his death because of her grief and anger. Your remark shows a great lack of empathy. And seriously, 900,000 is alot of money, the city must have expected to be skewered in a jury trial


        An independent agency ruled the shooting justified. No jury in Utah would have found in Ms. Hunt’s favor. Here’s what’s going to happen Mnice: Susan will lose her appeal of the federal judge’s ruling. She’ll owe her first lawyer approximately $300,000 and her second lawyer perhaps $30,000. Saratoga Springs will then bill her their costs for her failed appeal. In the end her hate will destroy her and the world will move on without her.


      Susan shot herself in the foot when she fired her first attorney. Now he’ll be breathing down her neck for his third of the loot, and she’ll have one more person to hate. She may have to settle for a smaller house.


    If Susan Hunt opens her mouth now she will violate the terms and conditions she agreed to, would still owe the lawyer she fired, and not get one red cent of the settlement.


    The police involved shooting of the black thug, Mohamed, in downtown Salt Lake City can’t help Susan’s attitude. Fortunately for us she can’t open her mouth or else she will forfeit her $900,000 dollar settlement and still owe her fired attorney $300,000 plus.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. HaHaHaHa

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