Man fatally shot by Ogden PD identified; woman he stabbed in critical condition

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OGDEN, Utah -- Authorities have identified a suspect who was shot and killed by police in Ogden Friday after officers responding to a domestic violence call arrived to find the man stabbing a woman.

According to the Ogden Police Department, 35-year-old Justin Patrick Moses was killed by an officer who observed him stabbing the woman and "took the necessary actions to defuse the incident" and shot Moses.

“They tried to talk to him, from what I understand, and then he wasn’t responding so they had to shoot him, which is unfortunate," said neighbor Janessa Pope.  "I was really scared."

Fire and medical crews arrived and determined Moses was deceased. Officers on scene gave immediate medical assistance to the female who was stabbed.

Saturday as of 1:30 p.m., Ogden police stated the woman who was stabbed is in critical condition at McKay Dee Hospital.

Police stated the officer who fired on the suspect is on paid administrative. An independent investigation is being carried out by the Weber County Homicide/Critical Incident Task Force. The officer has not yet been identified, but Ogden PD states he has been with the department since January 2013.

Neighbors tell FOX 13 there was no history of domestic violence between Moses and the female victim. They say she had been letting Moses stay in the home while he got back on his feet.

Anyone who is in danger or in need of help regarding domestic violence can call the Utah Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-897-5465. In an emergency, dial 911.

For more information about the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and the resources they offer, click here. 


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