Draper police ask for help locating missing man

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DRAPER, Utah — Police in Draper have asked the public for help locating a man from Draper who has been missing for about a week.

Police stated Friday that 28-year-old Harry Cassidy Fisher has been missing for about a week. Police provided two photos of the man but did not offer a description beyond those images.

Anyone who sees Fisher is asked to contact police at 801-840-4000.


  • Michelle & Kristi

    Harry’s body was found today. His family is devastated. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported in finding him.

    We would like for everyone to know Harry was gay and felt very alone in the world. The beliefs and the opinions of local religions not being supportive of Harry’s right to be allowed to live as he was.

    We would like everyone to know because we know he wasn’t the only one with this struggle.

    For those fighting the same battles Harry did please know you are not alone, you are beautiful and you deserve to be accepted. Reach out ask for help and to everyone else, please be there and love and accept we all have our differences and no one deserves to find themselves as we found Harry lost, alone, broken and isolated.

    We don’t have to agree to love one another and dying because of sexual preference and that not being accepted is something that needs to end, too many are gone and too many still suffer.

    We want Harry’s memory to empower and support others, and to remind everyone how important it is to accept one another. Let us all remember we’re only human and no one can do this alone, we all need to be loved and accepted.

    Please pray for his family during this difficult time and please pray for those that suffer like he did and for those unable to accept them that hearts may be softened and families kept together.

    Remember Harry and remember we are not alone, we are all human.

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