Utah man says he suffered third-degree burns after e-cigarette exploded in his pocket

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SOUTHERN UTAH -- A southern Utah man is claiming his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket on Monday.

“I was told that I have first, second and third-degree burns on my leg,” said Brian Musgrave.

A hole is burned through his jeans and his leg is heavily bandaged. He says the e-cigarette unit had been on a smart charger. He slid it into his pocket, nothing unusual. Until, “my wife came out and told me to take off your pants because they were on fire,” Musgrave said.

Problems with e-cigarettes are nothing new. In 2013, FOX 13 News reported on a claim that an e-cigarette had caught fire in a car charger, burning a child.

Aaron Frazier is the Executive Director of the Utah Smoke Free Association, a group that advocates for vaping options. He warns about the need to properly care for e-cigarettes and specifically batteries, saying even good batteries can prove a problem if not managed well.

“Because of the positive and the negative terminals on here, if it makes contact with any piece of metal—a coin, keys, anything—it can actually cause a spark and cause the battery to explode," Frazier said.

Spare batteries, he says, should always be kept in a case. And, if a battery shows any wear, he says toss it out.

“If there is any metal that’s exposed on these batteries, you’ve got to stop using it immediately,” Frazier said.

Musgrave says he believes he did everything right and doesn’t know why his unit caught fire in his pants. He took up vaping to quit using chewing tobacco, it worked. But now he has a warning.

“I just don’t want anyone else to have it happen to them…it could have got my daughter, it could have blown up in my face, it could have been a lot worse than it really was,” Musgrave said.

Musgrave is meeting with an attorney on Monday.


  • Dustin Bromley

    I’ve been vaping for 2 years they helped me quit smoking… I’ve never had a problem. I just make sure my gear is top of the line. Mechanical mods are sum what unsafe. But if its a temperature controlled veritable voltage with a good battery you’ll be fine. This rarely happens and when it does its more often than not because of user failure.

  • Vapers unite

    Let’s hear some stories about cigarettes killing/injuring people. Because that occurs thousands of times more often than the rare e-cig (most likely user caused) incident.

  • Foxsucks monkeynutz

    The guy’s a dumbass bottom line. He was probably using a battery with a torn wrap or a tank atomizer on an unregulated device. He could of had change or keys on his pocket. I guarantee he didnt know what he was doing. I never have to worry about this issue because I use safe setups. I also don’t give a story much credibility that is reported by Fox 13. You falsify your stories, I know this because I was once a victim of your falsification. This is just another tactic at attacking the vaping industry. Fox sucks and this guy didn’t know what he was doing

    • tanisha

      You sir sound so intelligent yourself. This person is a very smart talented individual whom unfourtantly had this terrible accident I myself hope karma explodes in your face!!!! (Douche Bag)


        I’m sorry Tanisha but very smart talented individuals don’t run around leaving a trail of vaper like a steam locomotive. Intelligent people try to protect their lungs. E-cigs contain nicotine which is an addictive substance and smart people avoid them.

      • Dcmanryan

        I imagine you’re typing this eating your double quarter pounder with a diet coke right? You do know that ecigs are water vapor and there’s been zero lung disease from them right dumb ass?


        You do know that beside nicotine they have identified 41 other chemicals in e-cigs that can be harmful? For years the cigarette companies told us that their products were harmless and fools like you believed them. Right dumb ass?


    Vaping makes a person look so mature, suave and debonair. Intelligent people want to see how much crap they can get their lungs to deal with.

  • Cmon vape smart people

    This is why regulated and temperature controlled mods should become the standard, mechanical mods ARE dangerous (a lot of friends had this issue with no injuries thankfully) most regulated mods have a kill switch when the battery continuously fires or if the wrong equipment is attached. I hope this man gets compensation for what happened.

  • Lorraine Surie-Lumzer

    Sorry but i have to say it is user error, Your batteries have to be the right voltage for your box or tube vape. I do not vape, but my son is well informed of all the parts and aspects of vaping equipment, he is also a part of the vaping community online, they are legit and reputable. This guy was not well informed i believe that he had something else in his pocket like keys or coins and they made contact with the rig he had in his pocket something with his rig was exposed. causing this to happen to him.. as i said user error.

  • Kevin Davis

    I just had to chime in on the comments posted and what I would call extreme lack of knowledge on the reporters in this story. Facts from the video:
    1. Device is not an “e-cigarette”, it is an Advanced Personal Vaporizer. Kanger Subox Mini Mod (50 watt) with a Smok TFV4 tank (which the mod is not designed for nor supplied with).
    2. In the video the battery shown is an Imren 40amp. The battery that is damaged is an Efest with unknown specs.
    3.Most important is the battery door of the mod is not shown. This would lead me to draw a conclusion that he was using the device unsafely.
    4. This is a single battery unit and NOT an unregulated device. Incorrect battery voltage is a mute point.

    This is an unfortunate incident that did not need to happen. Operators of these devices need to be held responsible for their own actions i.e. not reading the little book (instruction manual) that is in the box when it is purchased. It explains the limitations of the device and battery safety.

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