Create an indoor living arrangement (that you only have to water once a month!)

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Cynthia Bee from the Jordan Valley Water Conservation Garden shows us how to create an indoor living arrangement.

- The hottest trend in indoor gardening are "living arrangements". This is a hybrid between the traditional house plant and outdoor container gardening. They are like a living floral arrangement.
- Living arrangements are meant to be temporary, lasting a few weeks or a few months.
- Plants can be moved to new arrangements seasonally or transferred to the landscape for the summer.
- Important considerations when creating these arrangements are indoor light conditions, level of maintenance you're interested in and grouping plants with like needs into the same containers.
- Consider scale. Too many containers make an indoor jungle. Grouping a few plants into a single arrangement allows you to enjoy both diversity and order.
- Think outside the pot. Some plants, especially succulents, lend themselves to non-traditional containers.

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