Contentious hearing on Utah’s Capitol Hill focuses on same-sex couples and adoptions

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SALT LAKE CITY -- There was a heated hearing on Utah's Capitol Hill Friday night.

On paper, it's a simple bill to change the language in Utah law to match the Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex couples to foster and adopt. But on Friday, a room full of people lined up to argue against the change.

It was a packed room at a House committee meeting Friday, with many waiting for the last item on the agenda, which calls for changes to wording regarding adoption and foster care in order to reflect legal changes when it comes to same-sex marriage.

"This bill is very simple: It changes man and woman to couple or spouse within [the] adoption or foster parent statute," said Rep. Angela Romero, the bill's sponsor and a Democrat representing District 26.

Alongside Romero sat the Director of the Department of Child and Family Services, who says his department is in favor of the change.

"In Utah, a legally married couple who passes the foster care background screening process is eligible to become an adoptive or foster parent from DCFS, and we want the statute to reflect this," Brent Platt, Director of DCFS, said.

But several spoke out against the changes during the public comment period, including the President of the Utah Eagle Forum.

"This would allow for the adoption of children by same-sex couples," Gayle Ruzicka said. "This is one we oppose, because children deserve both a mother and a father."

Those against the change came with research that claims it is not in the best interest of the child to live with same sex couples.

"Children having to live with the promiscuity of their parents, the live-in boyfriends... but, the point is, they don't give a happy story of growing up in these families," said one woman who spoke out during the public comment period.

Romero's bill now sits in limbo, as the hearing took so long a vote was not taken, but she hopes to see it get another chance.

"Children thrive when they're happy and loved, and it doesn't matter if it's a mom or dad, or a mom and a mom, or just a mom," Romero said.

Romero says she's never been in a committee hearing like that. She said she hopes to have an honest and balanced conversation next week, which is when the bill is likely to come up again.


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    • Marinegunny

      You seem to be a little over the top with your animus towards gays in most all your posts. It sounds like you’ve been kicked around some and filled with self loathing over something you can neither suppress, nor bring yourself to embrace. It doesn’t have to be that way.

      • Stewart McDonald

        You don’t say where in the LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) community you fit in Marinegunny? Most Marines are a little over the top about men who are confused about what goes where and why.

      • marinegunny

        Stewart.. I don’t know what some of those terms mean, but I know this. Many years ago I knew a young Marine who sounded a lot like you. Ranting against gays day and night. When it came to light that he had gay tendencies himself, he was given a “blanket party” and was beaten terribly . I mean terribly. As time passed it bothered me more and more that I just stood by. That will never happen again, no matter what the cost. If anyone, including you, is being kicked around for the way they were born, I stand with you.

      • Stewart McDonald

        Interesting fairy tail marinegunny. Many years ago it was “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. You can make any claim you want on the internet but trying making up one that’s believable.

      • Karl

        Stewart here is something not made up you have not a brain it is merely just made up of bull manure you have no concept of life for other people who are not on your level of prejudice you probably are a racist to all mankind that is your psychological profile for your life of crap

      • Stewart McDonald

        Sexual deviation isn’t a race Karl. It’s a behavior, and there is a reason why sexual deviates take their lives in much greater proportion to their numbers and that is because they blame others for who they are.

      • Karl

        Is it a race or not yes it is believe it or not it is a gay and lesbian race like you are a homosapian read the first 4 letters HOMO and I would bet you are 100 percent a posible Mormon wich is not a religion but a cult that is trying to control the world in only THIER beliefs I have slammed the door in missionary faces because of THIER stance on who can or cannot belong to THIER cults so when you come down to reality the gay and lesbian do not blame others why they are majority want to be you probably shook hands with many gays without realizing what their sexual preference is so do you think you are above others that your way is right and Noone else matters oh by the way did I see you on the news leading the pride parade

      • Stewart McDonald

        Among the major human races are Caucasian, Mongolian, and Negroid. Gays, lesbians, and homosapians aren’t a race ….. but then you knew that didn’t you Karl? That’s kinda like saying Canadians and North Americans are a race. They aren’t. Go play your race card somewhere else.

    • Karl

      Funny wagon get off your strait only kick and go to forth to many different homes that I myself have seen but not in the rich and glory homes as that is probably comparing to then go to the getto and see how those children feel about THIER lifestyle you are probably a two faced person that is prejudice against gays that I am not but have a stepson who is that converted from straight he is still the same person so do you think that gay kids in straight parents homes should be allowed in LDS as kids in same sex parents who are not gay cannot be in the church

      • Stewart McDonald

        Get off your high horse and go forth in the homes of the men in San Francisco who are at death’s door with one the diseases they picked up during 1 hour romance in a public bathroom. I have no sympathy for anybody, straight or gay, who mates with whoever whenever.

        How are your husband and kids doing Karl?

      • Karl

        Stewart I have no husband nor will I ever my wife recently passed away her son use to date pretty ladies then turned reason unknown so I know that you must be a hateful person towards others you don’t even know so maybe you are the guy that looks at other guys but hold back your emotions of it and hate the gay community if you are a tailgater that shows you want to be near another guys rearend

      • Finny Wiggen

        I love the name FunnyWaggon. I have claimed it as my own!!

        I have nothing against gay people. I have a family member who is gay, and she is very dear to my heart. We are talking about human psychology. If you want to accuse human psychology of being two faced, towards gays, then… be my guest.

        But until you change how children grow, and what their needs are, you have to do what is in their best interest. Period.

        And incidentally, I love both the kids in my class, and their parents. They are friendly, and the parents are caring. However, the children have significant issues. That is just reality. Like it or not.

      • Karl

        Have you told your gay family member that she should have no family life of her own and you condone gay couples who want to live this lifestyle want to raise a child or even care of her being a lesbian as you have posted last year on your Facebook page let her know how you actually feel about it maybe you should be screened in your classroom teachings of gay lifestyles.

      • Stewart McDonald

        You can be anything you want on the internet Karl. You can even claim a deceased wife. Me thinketh you protest too much.

  • Anonymous

    This subject really bites m on the a**. I have a gay son and son in law. My son has 3 kids from a previous straight marriage. His husband would make a great step parent if given the chance to be with the kid. I don’t see why people are still trying to control what other people can do because of prejudices. Whatever happened to everyone being created equal? Well I’ll tell you. It’s because of religion. Almost every religion on the planet has the concept that any couple that can be allowed to raise a family has to be man and wife. I am getting so tired of the LDS church trying to control everyone by shoving their beliefs down everyone else’s throats. It’s time for the churches to remove themselves from the deciding factor of all laws and let people live their lives the way they choose.

    • Stewart McDonald

      Mother Nature created males and females for a reason but every once in a while She screws up. Bruce Jenner is a perfect example of the people in the LGBTTQQIAAP community who just don’t get it.

      • Karl

        That was not mother nature screwup that was his stupidity look at twins some times one male one female when you get a person with both genders that is twins that never seperated in the womb, or sometimes genes are mixed by some mistake in development did you ever hear of evolution someday in future all humans will be hermorfraditesand THIER will be no male or female as some living species already are

      • Stewart McDonald

        Me thinketh that you protest a wee bit too much Karl. Perhaps you have some confusion between the birth channel and the digestive channel? Kinda like entrance and exit signs on the freeway?

      • Karl

        The world would be better without people like you so why don’t you go and commit suicide and leave the place you no longer have a place in society

      • Stewart McDonald

        “Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes and the rest of us have to be other people.” – Zig Ziglar
        Sorry Karl but your appeal just doesn’t resonate with me.

      • Jarl

        Stewart the Mormon church says go forth and Populate the world also that when they say marriage is one mane and one woman why did Smith and Young have many wives? Gay and lesbian was gods way of offsetting the Mormon belief as to offset the overpopulation of the world do you do your wife in rear she give you head yes you are pretty much just like a fag

      • Stewart McDonald

        @JARL (aka KARL)
        You mispelled your screen name Karl. Are you in the habit of changing it frequently? Obviously you can’t even be honest about who you are. Isn’t about time you came out of the closet?


        The J is located just to the left of K on the keyboard Jarl./Karl. Looks like you have an identity conrfusion. You can be anything you want on the internet. When I questioned the veracity of your widower claim it looks like I hit the bullseye.

  • Stewart McDonald


    Anybody can tell a fairytail marinegunny. Rick Jones, 22, from Delta Utah reported he was attacked while he was working at the Grand Central Station restaurant, which is run by his family. Jones said a gay slur was carved into his arm after he was knocked unconscious and beaten. The attacker also got away with $1,400 from the business’ safe, Jones said at the time.

    Story ended up being phony but it did buy him a lot of sympathy initially from the truly gullible.

    • Karl

      Stewed boy if you think I made a story of a deceased wife I wish it upon you that you will soon loose a loved one then you know what you can do to yourself

      • Stewart McDonald

        If two guys, two women, or or one woman and three guys want to get married more power to them. Just leave children out of their screwed up lives.

      • Stewart McDonald

        You can make any bogus claim you want on the internet Karl.
        Rick Jones, a homosexual in Delta Utah, reported he was attacked while working at a restaurant which is run by his family. He said a gay slur was carved into his arm after he was knocked unconscious and beaten, and then the attacker stole $1,400.

        You remember the story don’t you Karl? Turned out to be bogus. You have any stories like that?


    Karl can’t even be honest about who he is. The evidence is that he mistakenly misspelled Karl. That would mean his pretend story about being a widower is baloney. Perhaps one of his screen names is also Marinegunny.


    So which one is it? Is it Karl with a K or Jarl with a J? If you keep changing your screen name to deceive people and you make a spelling error you’re a phony.

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