Alleged shoplifter caught with more than a pound of pot tells cops drugs were for paying rent

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OREM, Utah — A man who allegedly shoplifted a pair of sweatpants in Orem was booked into the Utah County Jail, but not until after police located about a pound and a half of marijuana the suspect said he planned to sell in order to pay his rent.

According to the Orem Police Department, 18-year-old Denzel Christopher Jones was stopped by loss prevention officers Thursday after he stole sweat pants at a Macy’s store.

When police arrived, Jones broke free from loss prevention and tried to run but was apprehended by police. He was booked into the Utah County Jail around 6 p.m. Thursday.

Craig Martinez, a public information officer for Orem PD, said police searched Jones’ backpack and found about a pound and a half of marijuana, which Jones told police he planned to sell in order to pay rent.

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  • Stewart McDonald

    That is certainly more believable than the “I was going to give the money to the mother of my dying child” excuse. Looks like you’re late with your rent payment for February Denzel.

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