Woman found dead in car parked outside California Wal-Mart had reportedly been there for months

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MARINA, Calif. — The body of a young woman has reportedly been found in a Wal-Mart parking lot in California, and police believe the woman was in the vehicle for at least two months before anyone spotted her.

According to KSBW, 22-year-old Lauren Jessie Moss was found inside a silver Volkswagen Jetta parked outside of a Wal-Mart in Salinas, California. The woman was reportedly last seen alive on November 13 after she left a rehab center.

The woman was reported missing after she left that rehab center, but she wasn’t located until February 3, when employees at the store noticed the body. The interior of the car was partially shielded from view by dark-tinted windows and a sunshade.

The cause of death has not yet been determined, but KSBW reports police believe it is likely a case of suicide.

KSBW reports surveillance footage dating back to December showed the Jetta sitting in the same spot as it was in when the body was found in February.


  • liberalssuck

    She must have been a white christian female,no story their,move along.
    Now if she had been a minority……………

    • denison4

      Use search engine for Maryland MTA, light rail, abandoned cars, and find out how long it took cars there to be towed away from commuter parking. Years. One was a decent looking minivan, after a wash of course.

  • Jim

    My question is, how on earth did the management of this facility not investigate a car that had not moved for months? Good management manage all of the property not just the inside!

    • denison4

      then again, it bodes well for those who are living out of their cars, or better, a panel van, since they now know where you can park overnight every night and be ignored, not hassled.

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