LDS author says he faces excommunication after writing ‘Letter to a CES Director’

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SALT LAKE CITY -- It's a letter that's been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and the LDS author who wrote it says he now faces excommunication from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Jeremy Runnells wrote the popular piece: "letter to a CES [Church Education System] director."

In the letter, Runnells outlined his questions, concerns, and doubts about various LDS beliefs. Now, he claims the LDS Church's response was to challenge his membership.

"I asked questions, I shared my concerns, and I shared facts and information that are backed by the church's sources and the church's essays," Runnell said at an event in Salt Lake City. "So if sharing truth, and publicly, is in opposition to the church, then I think that's a problem."

Runnells' disciplinary council with his church leaders is scheduled for this Sunday, the same day a vigil is being organized for him in the event he is excommunicated.

FOX 13 News has reached out to the LDS Church for comment, but has yet to hear back from them.


  • PsychoticOatmeal

    How do people not realize that those who are born into any faith, or are brought into a faith, and find out that they have been lied to or have not been given the whole truth upfront, would not want to be outspoken and fight back against the time and money and all sorts of other things that they lost to said faith? Personally I am doing exactly that. I was born and raised in “happy valley” all my life until I left my parents home and went through what members call a “trial of faith” and was allowed to be curious, and ask questions. Once I dug deeper (regardless of the following being true) I found shadows in everything i was told. Lack of historical evidence (though plenty of clutching at straws), multiple contradictions of the bible’s teachings. Countless revisions to the BoM, similarities between masonic rituals and LDS temple rituals (BTW they have been changed at least 2 times). How about a former member having been a temple working stating that those “special” names being given in ceremonies were used over and over, day after day and were on a rotating schedule? So much info that was withheld or never discussed. People hold grudges against anything that they feel robbed them of freedom or a full life. This is exactly what the author of the CES Letter is doing right now. He wants to fight back.

    • PsychoticOatmeal

      BTW, for those of you that want to argue that I’m just bitter and wanting others to join me in disbelief, take a look at yourself and your “every member a missionary” policy. Pot, meet kettle.

    • David Whittington

      Excellent post Mr. Oatmeal. I too was lied to by people I trusted for many years, so I have walked the same path you are walking. I have now been ‘shunned’ by my entire family because I refuse to drink the BOM Kool-Aid. Anyone who thinks The Church is big on family unity is sadly mistaken.

      • Stewart McDonald

        When apostates leave the LDS Church family member who remain faithful have a hard time accepting their behavior. On the flip side of the coin those apostates resent the beliefs of family members who remain faithful.

    • mrnirom1

      How is it that life for you has not been perfect yet for everyone else.. Perfection is everywhere? Every Bishop I have had has been perfect and has done nothing wrong. Even when I was Catholic.. there was no imperfection there either. The only think I have not found out at this point in my life is… Was Jesus Christ really perfect too?

      You mention shadows.. yet produce none… you mention a lack of historical evidence… but don’t say what it is.. and then claim “clutching at straws” but show no examples. You bring up multiple contradictions of the Bible’s teachings and then give us nothing to decide that for ourselves. Then there are 5 words about revisions of the Book of Mormon and yet nothing concerning anything about these revisions and/or how they reflect or change the doctrines taught. You also mention masonic rituals and LDS rituals and stating they are similar and yet expecting us to believe that this is a bad thing? And advising us that the rituals have been changed “at least 2 times” and yet I am sure that those LDS who attended the temple during that period of time knew that they were changed.. so it is not a great revelation.. and really so what? What is a ritual anyway? And again.. people who have gone to the temple on a regular basis would have easily detected the those “special” names have been given before and what does it matter? No new revelation there. And then there is the statement concerning so much info that was withheld or never discussed…. like what? You sound like a high school student today who is complaining that they where not taught the same things in high school as their parents received. They left things out.

      So really.. your list of sentences mean really nothing. Nothing that would change my mind and have me yell out loud.. OH YEA!!

      • malloryoh

        All of the things Oatmeal mentions are in the CES letter and would take too much time (and length) to post in a comment. Feel free to read it for the examples mentioned.

      • David Whittington

        Yo MrNimrod: “…Perfection is everywhere. Every Bishop I have had has been perfect and has done nothing wrong.”

        Try Googling ‘Mormon Bishop Jailed’ and you will see a whole list of Mormon Bishops jailed for illegal Ponzi investment schemes, child porn, and attempted gay sex with minors. You must live in some parallel bazarro universe where you make up fantasies and try to pass these fantasies off as facts. Mormon Bishops are NOT ‘perfect’. Nobody is perfect. You need to drink a cup of reality and stop posting such inane drivel here.

      • mrnirom1

        @David Whittington You poor soul. The first thing I stated was so ridiculous that an intelligent person should have been able to tell how sarcastic I was being. “How is it that life for you has not been perfect yet for everyone else.. Perfection is everywhere?”

        @malloryoh I have dealt with every issue of the CES letter before it was even written. It falls in line with every Anti-Mormon book, pamphlet, movie, paper and letter that has been published since Joseph Smith revealed he had a vision of God the Father and His Son… Jesus Christ. Reason plays out that if Satan is real.. and he is rebelling against God.. that he would to do everything with in his power to stop what God is doing by any means available… including using Jeremy and the CES letter as just another tool. But Oatmeal’s little rant is presented as nothing more than an opinion.. as it gives no facts… and that was my whole point.

      • Gman

        Typical TBM response. You are the very person the church does not want reading the CES letter. If he’s the high school kid, you haven’t hit Jr High yet.

      • MrNirom

        @GMAN What is it you apostate Mormons want from the True Blue Mormons?.. to be like you? to have thrown your faith out the window? To not listen to any responses or explanations because you have received direct revelation from God that Joseph Smith is NOT a prophet? Just what faith do you now proclaim? Most of the apostates have no faith in God at all and claim to now be atheist. If you don’t think the LDS faith is the truth… then is the Catholic? the Baptist? the Lutheran? the Presbyterian? Which one is the true one as then all the others must be fake and false. Or are you now going to say that all of them are false? If they are all false according to you… and you have no better thing to follow.. why should we listen to you?

      • David Whittington

        Yo Mr. Nimrod My Boy: Charles Darwin was a Christian. Charles Darwin studied to become an Anglican Priest before his extreme interest in biology and botany and geology took him on his famous voyage to the Galapagos Islands. Darwin’s studies of unique species inhabiting isolated islands led to his writing of the ground breaking science book: The Origin of Species. Darwin correctly concluded ALL life on earth ‘evolves’. Modern medical science and modern biology today is TOTALLY based on the principles of evolution. The human species today is STILL evolving. Humans as a species are getting taller and getting smarter. I am stating all this simply to respond to your ridiculous diatribe about ‘what is the only true church.’ The answer to that question is NONE of them…including YOUR church. If you want to believe in some God hiding behind a curtain somewhere (as in the Wizard of Oz), then just go ahead and believe it is God that is DRIVING evolution. It is God that is using biological evolution to bring mankind forward and to make mankind better. All the talk on this board about Magic Mormon Oil and Apostates and blah blah blah is totally absurd. The ONLY ‘religion’ that makes any sense at all for people who feel the need to believe in a God is a ‘divinely directed’ evolution. You need to put down your BOM and go read some non-fiction books for a change !!!

      • mrnirom1

        @ David Whittington And yet Mr Whittington.. they still have not found that elusive missing link between mankind and the ape. :-( However.. Darwin was partially right.. there is an evolution of mankind. But it is not from ape to man.. but from man to god. It is Darwin that has attributed to my belief that the Book of Mormon lands are in South America.. and not in Central or North America. So I am great full to his voyages and discoveries he has made.

        As far as non fiction books go.. The Book of Mormon is a non fiction book.

  • Stewart McDonald

    There have always been apostates. The first was Cain who killed his brother Abel. Most don’t apostatize all at once but over a period of time. They all have one thing in common. None of them are truly happy.

  • Tom

    He’s following the same template that other ex-communicated individuals use by making his ex-communication public. They know that the Church cannot respond to their public comments which puts the Church in a tough spot because these apostates can make comments to the public that will go unchallenged by the Church.

  • Razor

    Jeremy is my hero. This church has been lying and misleading people for 150 years.The church judges and criticizes good people while they sweep all the their own unsavory history under the rug and hope nobody will ever see it. Thank you Jeremy and the internet. Imagine the LDS Church defining marriage and calling gay people, polygamists and others apostates . When the founder of the Church slept with teenagers and other mans wives. And lied about it to his own wife and congregation up to the day he died. Such Hippocrates!!
    Funny thing is there are many higher ups in the church who know the church is founded on fraud, But still propagate the untruths. Of course 7 billion and year nontaxable income and the ability to legislate from the church office building must be quite a draw the white wealthy Utahns who make up the general authority’s.

    • mrnirom1

      What a load of gibberish. If that is your idea of a hero.. you are aiming real low.

      Marriage was defined by God.. not the LDS Church. And when God says that marriage is between man and woman.. anything else is a perversion. And if one goes against commandments of God willingly… then that person is an apostate and they don’t belong in the Church. They should go and join a church which promotes the lifestyle they want to live.

      Everything else you say is nothing more than conjecture on your part as nothing of what you said has ever.. nor could ever.. be proven. Just another way in which Satan misdirects people’s attention away from the fact that Joseph Smith was a chosen Prophet by God. And the fact that he has set up his church once again upon the earth… with the power and the authority… to act in the name of God. Thank God for what he has given us.. a prophet of the Restoration!

      • Razor

        Every word I said is true. Fanny Alger was 16. And he was married to a 14 year old. Furthermore he was involved in polyandry and married 11 women already married to other men. This is history can can easily be verified. I’m sorry it disturbs you. As it should. Hence the hipocracy. A good place to learn about the true history in on Jerry Runnels Web site called a ces letter. !!


        Why would any intelligent individual looking for truth go to an apostate for the answers? Kind of irrational don’t you think?


      You don’t tell us how your parents and other family members feel about your apostasy. Apostasy is as old as Cain and Able Razor. Judas Iscariot wasn’t the first to deny the truth and you won’t be the last.


    T says “If it’s a truly solid religion, then members won’t leave”. Will you then please why Judas Iscariot left?

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