Utah ICE agents arrest 82 ‘criminal aliens’

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UTAH — A week-long enforcement action by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel in Utah resulted in 82 arrests, all of whom were targeted as “potentially deportable criminal aliens.”

According to a news release issued Friday, Enforcement and Removal Operations made arrests in 22 Utah cities over the last seven days.

All of those targeted by ICE ERO had prior criminal convictions, including for offenses like DUI, burglary, resisting an officer, making a false report, forgery, drug possession and various others.

“ICE’s primary immigration enforcement efforts target convicted criminal aliens,” stated Daniel Bible, field office director for ERO in Salt Lake City. “Consequently, our operations improve overall public safety by removing these criminals from our streets, and ultimately from our country.”

Those arrested are from six different countries: 74 from Mexico, three from Honduras, two from Peru, one from El Salvadaor, one from Guatemala and one from Samoa.

There were 26 arrests in Salt Lake City, 17 in West Valley City, seven in Ogden, four in Kearns and fewer arrests in various other cities from Layton to St. George.

According to the press release, those arrested during this week’s ERO action are being processed for removal from the United States. Two of the suspects have been accepted for prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for re-entry after deportation.

Several others with outstanding orders of removal or who re-entered the country after a previous deportation will be subject to immediate removal, while the remaining individuals will remain in ICE custody pending the outcome of a hearing.


  • liberalssuck

    UH oh ovomit isn’t going to like this.These are all potential democrat voters,along with their dead relatives.
    They are all in line for their $29,000 income tax refund,free SUV’s,healthcare,food stamps,WIC,clothing,housing,in state tuition,free internet,free cell phones,etc.After all those are basic human rights, things that ALL human beings deserve even if hard working american taxpayers are footing the bill right?
    Just ask any democrat,they will tell you………..
    And maybe just maybe their will be a few scraps left for our veterans and elderly,the homeless,inner city kids,etc.I mean we just can’t deprive potential democrat voters of their basic rights can we?
    Of course not.We have to have our priorities straight.And the democrats do,the democrat agenda,at any and all costs.

      • liberalssuck

        The only reason you would possibly label anything in those statements “crazy” is that they are in opposition to your liberal beliefs.The majority of the american people have had ENOUGH of paying out the nose for illegal immigration.GET IT?

  • Utah Red

    82 out of millions. The article makes it sound as if they are only deportable because they are criminals. If they are here illegally they can, and should, be deported. If the government won’t abide their own laws why should any of the rest of us?

    • Mil Amorous

      Start with the employers, no income, no illegals. Like Mountain View Mushroom in Millard County and Steves Tire also Millard
      They employ illegals. And fake ss#s thats a crime also. Heck come spring White Sage Ranch in Kanosh Ut will employ 100s of illegals. And all these employers, have no way to pay taxes for the employees that have no social or false socials. BIGGGER PICTURE.

      • C

        Exactly, we need tougher punishments for employers giving these illegals jobs. If their cash dries up so does their desire to remain in this country. Most illegals send their money back to Mexico so by employing these people all we are doing is funding the Mexican economy, our government does enough of that on their own the rest of us don’t need to help.

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