Third-graders at Utah elementary school experience magical week at ‘Hogwarts’

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HERRIMAN, Utah -- It was a magical week for third graders at Blackridge Elementary School in Herriman as they transformed their classrooms into a place for young witches and wizards.

Third-grade curriculum includes learning about genres of literature, and this week, it's fantasy. So, fantasy became reality in Herriman as the school was transformed into Hogwarts, the school made famous in the “Harry Potter” franchise.

But the real magic is clearly in the relationships between students and teachers.

“The kids get to come and get sorted into different houses, and we do fantasy things all week studying that genre,” third grade teacher Brittany Larson said.

The houses at Hogwarts are a student's community. Eli Rush is in Gryffindor, which he says makes sense.

“I’m brave, and it's the house that Harry Potter was in,” he said.

Larson said it’s a collaborative effort involving the entire third grade.

“Third grade is all doing this together, and it's been really fun because the kids have been able to interact with each other, and not only work with the kids from my class, but the Gryffindors from the whole grade get together and have been rotating to different teachers as well,” Larson said.

It’s an elaborate process, as the classrooms are transformed and the students and teachers dress to fit the part. And each student has a wand, which was handmade by a student from Riverton High School.

“It’s been the best week of my life,” Eli Rush said.

“It’s awesome,” fellow student Anna Rush agreed.

The students have taken classes like potions, care of magical creatures and charms.

“We got to make liquid luck, gillyweed and some other ones,” Anna said of those classes.

Friday, students were engineering a cart rollercoaster for the goblins at Gringotts Bank.

The idea is to teach the fantasy genre, but the learning is real, and really fun.

See the video above for a look at the Hogwarts themed lessons at Blackridge Elementary.


  • Brittany Larson

    Fox 13 did such a great job capturing our magical week at Hogwarts! Thank you for the wonderful story!

  • Len

    Please enlighten me on what they learned? College student don’t know who won the Civil War or how the Constitution was formed, where do our Laws originated. Please inform me how the learned anything that might advance us in real knowledge? Please do NOT tell me they didn’t even know they were learning, because our kids are being dumbed down in America. Teach them our History as a Nation for once! Who our Presidents were and what they stood for.

    • 3teach

      Lots was learned! All activities were tied to the core curriculum. Keep in mind it’s third grade….anyway to make learning fun and engaging is a win win. We do teach a whole patriotic unit and do research reports on United States’ leaders so these great historical moments are being taught. Remember this is a news story shining light on the fact that teachers were trying to find a creative way to teach what we have to. Students should enjoy school and value learning.

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