Driver who hit returned missionary while fleeing police charged with murder

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KAYSVILLE, Utah -- The wanted man who hit and killed a 21-year-old woman after two carjackings in Centerville Monday has been charged with first-degree felony murder in the woman's death.

Anthony CruzJazmyn Jeppson of Farmington suffered fatal injuries after her vehicle was struck by the one driven by 27-year-old Anthony Cruz, who had allegedly committed two carjackings and was fleeing from police.

According to friends and family, Jeppson had recently returned from serving a religious mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

According to a statement of probable cause filed in court Friday, Cruz has been charged with one count of first-degree felony murder for the death of Jeppson. Cruz also faces three counts of aggravated robbery as first-degree felonies.

The statement alleges Cruz carjacked a vehicle in Kaysville Monday, but it broke down a short time later on a Centerville freeway. He attempted another carjacking at knifepoint, which failed. In the next attempt he dragged the victim out of their car before driving off.

The document states Cruz fled at high speeds, and when exiting the freeway at Parrish Lane he ran a red light and struck Jeppson's car.

Jazmyn Jeppson

Jazmyn Jeppson

Jeppson was killed in the crash. Cruz suffered injuries and was taken to a hospital before he was booked into jail.

At a press conference announcing the charges, Jeppson's uncle spoke about Jazmyn.

"Jazmyn lived life to the fullest, she would want the focus to be on faith, family & forgiveness," he said.

FOX 13 News' Kiersten Nuñez was at the press conference, see the video above for her report.


  • Anotherbob

    Throw this peice of trash in prison and throw away the key. If you are family or friends of this scumbag I hope you’re proud.

    • Donald

      Why not send the bean back to Mexico? I could care less what he does once he is there. We don’t need people like this here!

  • bob

    As much as I’d like to choke him to death with his own entrails, this charge won’t stick.

    “Murder”, by definition, involves the INTENTIONAL killing of another person. First Degree Murder requires both intent AND premeditation. You have to PLAN it, even if only for a minute.

    Accidentally killing someone while fleeing from the police is Manslaughter. By definition.

    I hate when they waste time (and therefore tax money) by over-charging, and then plea-bargaining down. Plea bargains should be illegal. Charge them with what they DID and what you can PROVE, and then prove it.

    • Bob's left testy

      Hey BOB, read these elements I found for you. Hope this clears up any confusion you might have about Utah State Criminal Code.
      2) Criminal homicide constitutes murder if:
      (a) the actor intentionally or knowingly causes the death of another;
      (b) intending to cause serious bodily injury to another, the actor commits an act clearly dangerous to human life that causes the death of another;
      (c) acting under circumstances evidencing a depraved indifference to human life, the actor knowingly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to another and thereby causes the death of another;
      (i) the actor is engaged in the commission, attempted commission, or immediate flight from the commission or attempted commission of any predicate offense, or is a party to the predicate offense;
      (ii) a person other than a party as defined in Section 76-2-202 is killed in the course of the commission, attempted commission, or immediate flight from the commission or attempted commission of any predicate offense; and
      (iii) the actor acted with the intent required as an element of the predicate offense;

      • Bob's left testy

        #BOB…Bob here is a follow up in case you weren’t able to find what the predicate offenses are. Enjoy :)

        76-5-203. Murder.
        (1) As used in this section, “predicate offense” means:
        (a) a clandestine drug lab violation under Section 58-37d-4 or 58-37d-5;
        (b) child abuse, under Subsection 76-5-109(2)(a), when the victim is younger than 18 years of age;
        (c) kidnapping under Section 76-5-301;
        (d) child kidnapping under Section 76-5-301.1;
        (e) aggravated kidnapping under Section 76-5-302;
        (f) rape of a child under Section 76-5-402.1;
        (g) object rape of a child under Section 76-5-402.3;
        (h) sodomy upon a child under Section 76-5-403.1;
        (i) forcible sexual abuse under Section 76-5-404;
        (j) sexual abuse of a child or aggravated sexual abuse of a child under Section 76-5-404.1;
        (k) rape under Section 76-5-402;
        (l) object rape under Section 76-5-402.2;
        (m) forcible sodomy under Section 76-5-403;
        (n) aggravated sexual assault under Section 76-5-405;
        (o) arson under Section 76-6-102;
        (p) aggravated arson under Section 76-6-103;
        (q) burglary under Section 76-6-202;
        (r) aggravated burglary under Section 76-6-203;
        (s) robbery under Section 76-6-301;
        (t) aggravated robbery under Section 76-6-302;
        (u) escape or aggravated escape under Section 76-8-309; or
        (v) a felony violation of Section 76-10-508 or 76-10-508.1 regarding discharge of a firearm or dangerous weapon.

      • bob

        $100 says he’ll never go to trial for murder, much less be convicted.

        They’re setting up a plea agreement. That’s how it’s done.

    • liberalssuck

      Bob’s left testy-
      What you have to understand here is that Bob,like many posters here only approve and even applaud the deaths of their fellow americans under a few special circumstances…
      Patriots,christians,protestors(unless they are black,muslim,or hispanic),the wrong religion,gun owners,opposers of obama,those that hurt animals.Any other groups deserve a fair trial,and special consideration when they commit crimes.
      Yeah my posts are sarcastic as hell, but after 8 years of ovomit and seeing all the crimes,racism,and double standards that spew from the white house and his administration,sorry but I’ve become a little jaded.
      Liberals will call my opinions “crazy”(nothing new there),and others will see the truth in what I say,and it NEEDS to be said.

  • diescumdie

    Too bad we can’t just take this piece of garbage behind the woodshed and put a few bullets in his head and spare the circus act of the justice system we have.
    Dump his body on his parent’s front porch with a note stapled to what’s left of his rotten head, saying “YOU FAILED!”


    The families of victims influence what plea bargains are offered. Meagan Grunwald, the 18-year old girl who aided in the murder of one police officer and injuries to another, refused to accept a plea bargain and is now serving 30 years in prison.

  • Donald

    Maybe people should start listening to trump and not get butt hurt about everything he says.
    Majority of Mexicans are criminals rapists and murders.
    This guy fits atleast 2 of those catagorys send him back to Mexico!!!

  • Bob the Wiser

    But WHY??? Gawd obviously wanted it (the returned missionary) back “home.” Why punish humans for being pawns of gawd’s will?!? You think you know better than elohim? What a lack of faith your laws imply.


      Bob The Wiser’s hate and bigotry stem from his self loathing regarding his same sex attraction. Your hate is like a cancer Bob. The only one it hurts is you.

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