‘Smiley cat’ going viral came from Utah kitten shelter

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SALT LAKE CITY – The kitten that is going viral for her constant Cheshire smile is from right here in Utah.

This “smiley cat” is the complete opposite of grumpy cat.

Temma Martin with Best Friends Utah Adoption Center said before “Baby Rey” hit the jackpot with her forever home, she started out at the Best Friends Kitten Nursery in Salt Lake City.

Now “Rey” is the star of her own Instagram account and making waves all over the internet.

“She’s named after the new Star Wars leading lady and she’s my little Rey of sunshine,” Rey’s human mom told Love Meow.

According to the blog “Love Meow,” Rey’s birthday is the same day her human owners got married, Sept. 12.

We just can’t get enough of Rey…

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