Suspect severs officer’s ear, hits him in head with flower lawn ornament

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Leon D. Hall

Leon Dane Hall

SALT LAKE CITY - An officer is recovering and a man is in jail after the suspect allegedly hit the officer in the head with a large lawn ornament shaped like a flower.

Authorities said the attack happened just after midnight when an officer approached a man, 23-year-old Leon Dane Hall, who was knocking on apartment doors and trespassing at the Pauline Apartments near 100 S. and 300 E.

When the officer tried to talk to Hall, he refused and hit the officer in the side of the head with a cast-iron lawn decoration, severing the officer's ear and leaving a large gash in his head.

Authorities had to use a stun gun and baton to take Hall into custody.

Both the officer and Hall were taken to the hospital.

Flower lawn ornament allegedly used in officer's attack.

Flower lawn ornament allegedly used in officer's attack.

Hall has been released from the hospital and booked into jail on a number of charges including assaulting an officer, interfering with a police investigation and criminal mischief.

This is not Hall's first run-in with police.

He was arrested in 2011 for a hit and run crash and drug possession on July 2.

According to the documents, Hall resisted arrest then as well.

Officers said they found ecstasy, drug pipes and marijuana in his car during that arrest.

Weeks later, Hall, who then went by the name Dane, claimed he was a victim of a hate crime.

According to police documents, Hall said one of the four men who attacked him outside of a club yelled a homosexual slur before the assault.

Hall told authorities he previous drug arrests had nothing to do with his attack.

However, on Sept. 1, 2011, Hall told Fox 13 he is not a drug dealer and that his blood test came back clean immediately after his attack.

Hall, Leon D. SO# 345098


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      The same story is being told by all the local news agencies. You think maybe they are lying? Are you trying to justify this animal’s behavior?

  • bob

    They used a STUN GUN after he tried to kill an officer and severed his ear?

    At what point are cops allowed to shoot somebody? Never, apparently.

    Cops should all quit and find other jobs, and leave society to police itself. I’d love to see how long the liberal crybabies last.


      Salt Lake City’s new lesbian mayor wants the police to earn the trust of the animals that roam her streets and the police can’t accomplish that goal if they shoot everybody that is trying to kill or maim them. Her motto is “police are easy to replace


      Most males that are 23-years old are no longer considered to be “kids”. The Utah State Prison isn’t considered a school. It is considered a detention center to isolate criminals from decent society.


    Leon Dane Hall represents the mentality of the people the lesbian mayor of Salt Lake City wants the taxpayers of Utah to fork over $30 million dollars to house the poor/homeless people to live in. Projects,as they are called, some become dangerous, dirty, dwellings that are filled with gangsters, drug dealers, pimps, and hookers.

    Mr. Hall would make a perfect fit.

  • Lori Walton

    The mentality of the comments here is frightening to say the least. So let’s get educated here on the homeless population to include our hero veterens, the mentally ill, emotionally challanged, the elderly & the disabled. These are the people that society has cast out, thrown away, turned their backs on. These are the people that get pushed around, beat up (by the police) abused, neglected bullied & left for dead by the upstanding priveleged 2% of Salt Lake City, Utah! You people disgust me with your ignorant comments. This city is full of opportunists & big money jerks like the elite members of the Slum Lord Club with Deno Priskos & his side kick Tom Crawford who encourage Attorney James Deans to lie, cheat, & steal from the weak the sick & the broken They hide behind The New Grand roach & bed bug infested Apartments that fabricate & conceal evidence in court & pretend that the unfit filthy rotten building is a palace. So I ask you Are you proud of the creatures of the streets that YOU, Salt Lake City, Utah have created?


      Let me help educate you Lori: The folks you have listed flock to Salt Lake City because people here are generous and feed them. There are consequences attached to our decisions, and being homeless isn’t society’s fault. There are all kinds of programs available for people who want to make something of themselves.

      Meantime Lori if people act like animals the police will probably respond accordingly. If you want someone to cuddle you and powder your behind get your mommy to do it. The police aren’t going to babysit you or your drug addled friends.

    • BEAVIS

      Lori says “The mentality of the comments here is frightening to say the least”. Translation: These comments are not politically correct.

      Leon Dane Hall acted like an animal, injured a police officer, and got treated like an animal.


      Instead of whining and crying his mother and brother should have been helping him. The good citizens of Salt Lake are doing what they can to help the homeless but it is hard to help those who refuse to try and help themselves.
      Why don’t you put a few of them up in your apartment/home Lori?

  • Todd Pomplun

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