Family identifies man officer shot in Salt Lake City

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SALT LAKE CITY -- We now know the name of the man involved in Sunday’s officer-involved shooting.

Family confirms 28-year-old Palm Lautaimi was shot by police. Those two Salt Lake City police officers are on standard paid administrative leave.

Now the Adult Probation and Parole is facing some hard questions about why this man was out on the streets in the first place.

Shots echoed through a Salt Lake City neighborhood.

The suspect’s family confirms Lautaimi was shot by an officer Sunday.

Lautaimi was taken to a local hospital in critical condition but police say his condition is now stable. Jail records show this isn't Lautaimi's first run-in with law enforcement.

In June of 2007, Lautaimi terrorized a west Salt Lake neighborhood during a drive-by shooting. He pleaded guilty to three felony charges. In 2014 Lautaimi was released on parole.

On Jan. 16, during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, Lautaimi was pulled over by West Valley City police.

Court documents show police found he had 10 individual twist baggies, which field tested positive for methamphetamine. And in his right pocket a loaded .22 caliber handgun. Both violations of his parole but Lautaimi wasn't sent to prison.

The probable cause states "Adult probation and parole was contacted but would not respond to transport him back to the prison due to the holiday.”

No charges were filed so three days later Lautaimi was released from jail.

Fifteen days later, officers confronted him on the street, which is when Salt Lake City Police say he became violent and was shot.

FOX13 received this statement from the Utah Department of Corrections:

The Utah Department of Corrections is reviewing its management and supervision of Palm Lautaimi, including circumstances and information related to his arrest on January 16.

That review includes the probable cause statement from the January 16 arrest, which if accurate, includes an unacceptable response from our agency as far as this Administration is concerned.



      It is unfortnate that the police only wounded this puke. The world would have been better off with him pushing up daisies.

      • Gina

        You don’t deserve to breathe the same air as this man. Go kill yourself you effin douche, actually I hope the cops kill you for being a dumbass!


        Ex-felons (pukes) like Palm Lautaimi are prohibited from owning or bearing firearms honey. When they get done patching this puke up at the hospital he’ll be going back to a cage in prison where he belongs. Too bad your dearly beloved was too stupid to listen to the good advice Chris Rock. Why don’t you study his video sweetheart and take notes.

  • sunnygetsblue

    I guess AP&P will have plenty of time to get around to picking this guy up, now that he is incapacitated. So glad that no officers were hurt and that this man & his gun are off the street.

  • Utah Red

    I see 2 major problems here. First, no charges were filed on a gun carrying, drug selling felon, which resulted in his release. Second, the AP&P failed to pick him up. That resulted in an entire neighborhood and the public as a whole being put in danger. Heads must roll… and it should be the heads of these two departments. They are responsible.


    What lil’ darlings like GINA with her comment above don’t seem to realize is that the police don’t shoot people who behave themselves. Probably why decent people respect police officers and don’t fear them.


    Gina has the, and I quote “effin douche”, kind of trash mouth that I’d expect from people who associate with Palm Lautaimi. Hopefully his recovery will be slow and painful. Meantime off duty police officers will collect some easy extra money guarding him in the hospital. And yes Gina, he’ll be handcuffed to the bed.


      What you saw in a blurry video isn’t what counts honey. It is what the two officers saw just before they fired simultaneously that counts. The real question is what was this puke doing with a firearm. Didn’t his mommy tell him that as an ex-felon he was restricted from having a gun?
      The officers should be docked a day’s pay for poor marksmanship.

  • MaryJ

    Why bring up old charges? I don’t get what that’s has to do with the cops harassing him.. And they still get paid smh this system is screwed.. I mean we all are pretty much screwed..


      On Jan. 16th of this year was pulled over by West Valley City police who found he had 10 individual twist baggies of methamphetamine and a loaded handgun. Those are new charges honey. He’s violated his parole. When he gets out of the hospital he’s going back to prison.
      It irriates me that this animal ended up in the hospital instead of the morgue.


      They aren’t old charges honey. They are old convictions. Something to be ashamed of don’t you think.


    @Our prisons are full of tough talking blow hards like you who shared a similar idea. Maybe when this puke gets out of prison sometime in the future he can lead your little band of merry men on such an adventure.

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