Among Presidential candidates, Clinton gets the most Utah money, Cruz gets the most donations

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SALT LAKE CITY -- New presidential campaign contribution numbers are in and the results in Utah are not really clear.

You could say that Utah’s favorite Democrat is Hillary Clinton and Utah’s favorite Republican is Jeb Bush.

You could also say Utah’s favorite Democrat is Bernie Sanders and Utah’s favorite Republican is Ted Cruz.

Federal candidates were required to file campaign financial information through the end of 2015 by Jan. 31.

Hillary Clinton, with $271,000 from Utahns and Jeb Bush with $205,000 brought in more than their respective competitors.

But Hillary Clinton had far fewer donations from Utahns than her biggest Democratic competitor, Bernie Sanders. She had 748 donations compared to Sanders 1,210, though Sanders only received $89,000 from all of those donations.

Jeb Bush had only 137 donations from Utahns, while Ted Cruz had 1,578 donations totaling $132,000 in contributions.



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