How does the Iowa Democratic Caucus work? Watch and learn with Legos

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Much of the nation is focused on Iowa ahead of Monday’s caucuses, which will be the first electoral event of the 2016 presidential election. The caucus, while probably familiar to Utahns in many ways, doesn’t function the same as a primary race in many states, so Vermont Public Radio recently took a stab at explaining the caucus system in Iowa in simple terms, and they turned to Lego figurines to make their point.

The last major poll before the caucus showed Donald Trump leading the GOP field at 5 points ahead of Ted Cruz, while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a statistical tie.

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  • anotherbobisasickeningliberalslob

    Hmmm, a no brainer…
    How does the Iowa Democratic Caucus work?
    Simple-cheat,lie rob,steal,get dead people and illegals to vote,cheat some more,lie some more,bus people in to vote,vote twice,lie some more,promise billions in freebies paid for by the average taxpayer who cannot afford the freebies the slackers and illegals are getting,rob some more,cheat some.Simple really.

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