Man in critical condition after officer-involved shooting in Salt Lake City

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A man was taken to a hospital in critical condition Sunday after he was shot by police following a short foot pursuit, and video obtained by FOX 13 News appears to show officers firing several times at the man, who had come to a stop in front of a residence.

The incident was in the area of 1376 Major Street, and FOX 13 News first heard report of the incident involving Salt Lake City PD shortly after 4 p.m.

Sgt. Robin Heiden of the Salt Lake City Police Department said things began when officers made a pedestrian stop on the man in the area of 1340 Main Street just before 4 p.m.

"It's just a pedestrian stop," she said, when asked why the officers stopped the man. "In fact, we do those everywhere. We stop and talk to people all the time."

For whatever reason, the man reportedly took off, and Sgt. Heiden said police followed.

She said the foot pursuit lasted about a half a block.

"At the termination of the foot chase, that's when the shots were fired," she said.

That happened in the area of 1376 Major Street. An adult male was struck by gunfire and was transported to a hospital in critical condition. No officers were injured.

It was not clear what caused the incident to escalate to gunfire. Heiden said few details are currently available, and the incident is under investigation.

However, she said she anticipated more information being available Monday morning.

All officer-involved shootings in Utah are investigated by independent agencies, and Heiden said West Valley City PD as well as the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office will be investigating this case. Heiden said two officers involved in the incident will be placed on paid leave, as is standard procedure during such investigations.

Video sent by witness, courtesy Brandy Haze, appears to show an adult falling to the ground after the sounds of several gun shots are heard. Blurred footage from that video is available in the embedded player above.

Google Map for coordinates 40.739805 by -111.890038.


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    Reminds me of the epitaph for Lester Moore on a tombstone in Boot Hill that reads “Here Lies Lester Moore, Four Slugs from a 44, No Les, No More”. Too bad this suspect could follow simple instructions about what to do with his hands.

  • sway quintero

    the cops are fukkn pathetic out here in salt lake jus because u guys have a fukkn gun and badge u can jus go and shoot any innocent person this reminds me of Dillon Taylor fuk the cops


      Perhaps you should haul your pathetic back to Mexico where you came from. The police would much rather tazer pukes like you rather than shoot you. They get more satisfaction watching scum squirm, and there’s a whole lot less paperwork.

    • anotherbobisasickeningliberalslob

      Hey moron,this isn’t mexico.I believe the report said he had a gun.Get it?Can you read?
      Maybe you should move to ferguson…
      And where is anotherbob?
      He loves it when people get shot so he can use terms like “LOL”,and “LMFAO”.
      Love that human misery huh bob?

      • Michael F

        Where in the report does it say he had a gun? How do you know SWAY QUINTERO is from Mexico? And what does that have to do with anything you idiot? Based on what is going on around the country and in Utah, especially with WVPD being involved, chances are the police are working as we speak not to carry out an independent investigation but to cover their own asses.


        @MICHAEL F
        Watch the news, listen to an eye witness account, and then bring yourself up to speed. Any moron knows that the Salt Lake County Attorney, Sim Gill, will make the final ruling. You knew that right?


        A little research would make you look a little less ignorant.

        “The shooting victim is a convicted felon on parole and was arrested just two weeks ago after police found him to be in possession of a loaded gun and 10 “twist baggies” of meth, according to a Salt Lake County Jail report. But the officer who booked Palm Samiuela Lautaimi, 28, into jail also noted that Adult Probation and Parole officers declined to pick him up that day because it was the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.”

        You anti-authority pos.

  • Matt801

    These police officers need to be punished to Fullest extent of the law. Firing several shots at a man with his hands up how the hell can you justify that? Of course the judicial system and the rest of the agencies that are going to investigate this shooting will find that these “trigger happy” police officers were justified in their actions of “excessive” force. Also if the victim knew his rights he would know that he had the right to remain silent. He could’ve walked away unless he was being detained by the police officers (which he wasn’t). In the end these police officers are nothing more than thugs with guns. The only difference between them and the ones they shoot is that they’re in uniform.


      If you followed the news you’d know that the maggot had a gun in his hand and according to eye witnesses the police told him to drop it. As you should also know the puke had been in and out of prison since 2006, and ex-felons aren’t allow to possess firearms.

      The Salt Lake County Attorney, Sim Gill, will review the shooting and rule the shooting justified. I just love it when losers show their ignorance. :)


      Maybe you should be punished for being an ignorant pos?

      “AP&P was contacted but would not respond to transport him back to the prison due to the holiday,” the report states.

      Three days later, after no charges were filed, Lautaimi was released from jail.

      Salt Lake police confirmed Monday that the man was armed when he was shot Sunday.”


    If this exc-felon had kept his hands on his head where they belonged he’d be back in prison right now. Funny thing is that right now he is handcuffed to a hospital bed.

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