Officials say teen may have died from drinking racing fuel and Mountain Dew

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GREENBRIER, Tenn. -– A Tennessee teenager who died last week may have consumed a mixture of racing fuel and Mountain Dew, according to police

Logan Stephenson, 16, died on Thursday. According to Greenbrier Police Chief K.D. Smith, Stephenson and a friend started drinking the concoction Wednesday.

Stephenson was found unresponsive the next morning, reports WZTV.

“They noticed the color of his skin had changed and he started having a seizure. His hands started drawing up,” Smith told WZTV.

Stephenson’s friend was rushed to an area hospital where he is still in a coma.

Two other teens have admitted to drinking the same mixture of racing fuel and Mountain Dew.

Police are awaiting the results of a report from a medical examiner to learn Stephenson’s exact cause of death.



    Another example of a teenager clorinating the gene pool. Racing fuel goes in your vehicle and alcolhol (ethanol) goes in your mouth.

      • Patty

        Rednecks are not stupid people, you show your ignorance with your statement. How about compassion for the family and friends. Kids don’t always do the right thing it isn’t because they are from a certain area. Rednecks is a classification not a nationality so it is an honor to be classified as a Redneck. It is a stand for hard working people, who’s necks were sunburned from working in the sun all day and making an honest living. No shame in being a PROUD redneck, better than a ignorant moron

      • America

        I do have to say these kids are not very bright, 16 and they can’t read well enough to see a label that tells you not to consume that product!? It’s sad but maybe the parents should have put the kid in private school, or taught him the difference between good and bad liquids as a toddler

      • Joyce

        What the hell is wrong with you people? Lives were lost and you’re calling names and blaming parents you don’t even know. Since you can’t show good sense, at least show a little compassion for their families.


        Most 16-year teenagers are smart enough to know you shouldn’t drink racing fuel. There is jno shame in being a PROUD redneck, but this particular one, Logan Stephenson, is now a dead redneck, and that is nothing to be proud about.

  • Michael Wilks

    Smoke weed people!!! It’s much safer!!!!
    The stupid things kids will do these days to try and get high… SMH…..

  • Eileen

    All I see here are evil people that probable do a lot of stupid stuff, calling these kids, that have probable seen other do it without any side affect at all. You need to go to a school that teaches compassion and manners. I only pray your kids don’t do something stupid.


    The Darwin Awards were created to recognize outstanding achievement for individuals exactly like Logan Stephenson who help clorinate the gene pool. Liberals ask for compassion while conservatives think “he did something really stupid”.

    • Joyce

      I asked for compassion because I have a heart, and when you lose a child you don’t need people around you saying mean things and pointing fingers. Let’s hope it doesn’t take that happening to you before you know that is true.

  • D. Chance

    What an awful tragedy! Our prayers are with the families! Please kids it’s bad enough to experiment with alcohol and pot but this other stuff that’s made with poison’s or things that are clearly made for anything but human consumption is a death wish! Please talk to your parents or someone. In this day and age it would almost be a relief to worry about kids trying beer and/or pot. Well anyways God bless and many prayers!

  • Leah

    I would say that these two boys are very stupid. That is not a logical or safe thing to do. Redneck is not something to be proud of they pollute the earth and make it just a gut renching awful place. I wish more Rednecks and Hillbilly’s would drink raceing fuel just to get rid of them all. I had them in my school and they are such a pain in the ass. Plus they do stupid things to themselfs. I do not feel sorry when people do stupid things and die. It is the Darwin therory and if they are not smart enough at 16 to not drink things they are not suppose to. They should not be on the planet with the exception of doctor recommendation’s that say you are disabled metally or physically. Which these two boys where not! They were just stupid arrogent Redneck’s!

  • alisha

    Ok before you start making fun of a DEAD child, look back on your teen years and tell me you never huffed paint, gas, etc.
    Tell me you never drank copious amounts of alcohol while taking uppers and downers and whatever else there was.
    Tell me you never drank and drove, never drove well above the speed limit, etc.
    Start pointing fingers now!
    I was a dumb kid and did a lot of the above mentioned things and thankfully I made it out alive to become an adult who wizened up.
    Instead of turning an already heart wrenching situation into a name calling circus, let’s be civilized and let the families mourn their loss.
    Who knows it may be your so called precious baby who can do no wrong next.


      No honey, I was never stupid enough to huff paint, gas, etc., I never drank alcohol period, never made babies before I get married, and come to think of it I never drank racing fuel.

      And no, 16-year old teenagers are not “precious babies” sweetheart.


      He was a 16 year old teenager and not a child. Even a 5 year old would be smart enough to know you don’t drink gas. This clown was after the alcohol found in racing fuel and that makes him even more stupid.


    Everybody knows that racing fuel (gasoline with additives) is good fr mind and body. Itj’s only side effect is that it kills you.

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