2 dead, 3 injured in shooting at homeless encampment in Seattle

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SEATTLE — Two people were killed and three others were injured Tuesday evening following a shooting in a homeless encampment in Seattle, Wash, Q13 FOX reports.

Around 7:15 p.m., Seattle police received reports of gunfire near the 1500 block of Airport Way South. Officers began searching a greenbelt in the area, sometimes colloquially referred to as “The Jungle,” according to Seattle police blotter.

It was in that area that authorities found five victims.

Police are actively searching the woods for the suspect or suspects.


  • Mr. Charles

    Go figure, another liberal bastion with severe gun control laws.
    (Guess what? Gun control doesn’t work on criminals).

    • anotherbob

      Using your logic we should just do away with ALL laws, because criminals will can/will break all laws on the book and thus no reason to have them right? Laws to prevent rape and murder? ha who needs them! How about we just legalize murder in effort to reduce the amount of homicides? We should repeal all gun laws and make it easier to get guns, because we all know more and more guns will result in lower gun incidents.

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