New show focusing on folks living off the grid in Appalachia premieres Tuesday

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A new show premieres Tuesday night on WGN America, and it focuses on a group of people who live off the grid in the hills of Appalachia.

Paul Giamatti is the executive producer of the envelope-pushing show, “The Outsiders.”

Sam Rubin sat down with the show creators recently for a sneak peek of the show, which premieres Tuesday at 7 p.m. See the video above for a look at “The Outsiders.”

The show will be available to Salt Lake City viewers on the following channels:


Channel 180

Channel 1180


Channel 132


Channel g5-13

Directv Salt Lake City

Channel 307

Dish Network

Channel 239

Channel 9446

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  • Sharron

    There are some easy ways to live off the grid. It’s far better than paying big utility bills. You live longer and healthier. Everything a person needs to live off of….is right underneath your feet. Yes..the earth!

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