Miami doctor reportedly suspended over video of alleged drunken assault on Uber driver

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WARNING: The footage embedded below contains multiple instances of profanity throughout the video, viewer discretion is advised. 

MIAMI — A fourth-year neurology resident in Florida has reportedly been suspended after video surfaced that appears to show her physically and verbally assaulting an Uber driver before trashing his car and throwing his possessions out into the street.

According to the YouTube video description for the footage, which has been viewed more than three million times since Tuesday, someone else had called for an Uber when the woman got into the back seat and refused to get out, demanding a ride. The video reportedly begins after she eventually got out of the car and got into a confrontation with the driver.

The footage was shot Saturday and shows Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon, according to WSVN in Miami, who also reports the woman is in danger of losing her job with Jackson Health System.

During the nearly five-minute video, the woman berates the driver, knees him and slaps him, at one point getting into the car and demanding the driver “get in the f—- car” repeatedly. When the driver did not get in, she appears to begin throwing his belongings out into the street.

As the driver is talking on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, he says the woman attacked him. The woman can be heard yelling, “I am a 5-foot girl that weighs 100 pounds…. I am getting, like, really belligerent right now, so.”

At the end of the video the woman says good night and begins to walk off, and according to the YouTube description police arrived and the Uber driver accepted a settlement. WSVN reports the police arrived and the driver declined to press charges. 

Uber has reportedly suspended the woman’s account, telling WSVN in a statement: “Uber expects everyone in our community to treat each other with respect and common courtesy, and we have a zero tolerance policy for all forms of harassment and abuse. We have suspended this rider’s account as we investigate the incident.”

WSVN spoke with the woman’s neighbors and also obtained a statement from her employers about the incident, click here for details. 


  • John

    If she called a taxi things would have worked out much differently. But now she is about employable as a cab driver. All that money and school, shot to hell because every time someone googles this doctor this video will surface and they will move onto the next professional. I know I would.

  • Anotherbob

    Had this been a man he would have been arrested and thrown in jail, but because she used her P-Pass she gets off without charges. I hope she is fired altogether, if I were her employer putting her on suspension I would not want to be associated with her. She is the epitome of an entitled self centered narcissist.

  • priya

    Wow how is this girl in med school she needs help. She’s supposed to be saving lives not attacking ppl. What a disgrace on doctors.

  • Janos poleretzky

    She will get off on the affluenza defense. She was born rich and does not know how to interact with hard working people. If the uber driver was a hood rat,it might not have turned out so good.

  • manny

    Anyone know what hospital she with, Want to create a website if they let her back. If she snaps like that , can you imagine what damage she can do at a hospital!! And already found, she is stating she has never been drunk like that and that is a lie!!!

  • Christian Man

    I understand that she acted violently and spoke nasty, which damaged her image as a doctor. Should the media destroy her career forever because this incident? anyone in difficult moments can get angry and can be out of control. BUT this moment should not destroy her forever. She did a lot to be a doctor. I believe she learned from this situation. Her employer should not fire her if she did not cause any harm at her workplace. We sometimes never forgive as if we are totally perfect.

  • The Patriarch

    Nothing to see here. She was just putting a dent in the patriarchy and the boundless see of male privilege we’re all swimming in.

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