Utah ranks among worst tippers in national study

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For many people income depends not on an hourly wage or salary… but tips,  and according to one report that’s bad news for food service workers in Utah.

Lavu is an iPad point of sale system used in 8000 terminals in 80 countries; they used transaction data to break down tipping habits in all 50 states for three categories: tableside, quick-serve (coffee), and bar tab.

Utah lands near the bottom of all three categories averaging 18.66%, 13.82% and 14.09%.

The tip top of tipping is in the Sooner state Oklahoma, they average 21.17%, 23.96%,  and 20.68%, all top 10 marks.

The study found that high cost states (California and Hawaii) and rural states (Alaska and Wyoming) are the worst for tipping with North Dakota at the bottom averaging just 16.66% across all three categories.

The national averages? Tableside: 19.27%,  Bar Tab: 19.87%, Quick-serve (coffee): 18.21%.

Check out the stats for each state below:




    A tipping guide suggests that if service was horrible don’t tip anything and notify management, if the service was slow tip 10%, if service was ok tip 15%, and if service was great tip 20%. There’s nothing wrong with the way Utahns tip.

    • elocin

      actually, everything can go great with a guest. great service, great food. and they can still leave you 2 bucks on a 100.00 tab. i just seen this happen last night. utahans are NOT great tippers!

  • elocin

    Also-servers pay tipshare based on SALES for the night. Tipshare is around 3% of your SALES. so if you sold 200.00 worth of food/drink, 6.00 would go to tipshare. (host/bartender). that is fine and dandy, until you get low tips for no reason. just remember that the full portion of your tip does not just go to the server, but to the tipshare on the sales as well.

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