Resort investigating snowboarder after avalanche caught on camera

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A snowboarder who allegedly went into a closed area near a California ski resort may face criminal prosecution.
The Sugar Bowl resort says the snow-boarder caused an avalanche.

Placer County investigators say the snow-boarder posted video online showing the incident.

In a news release, Sugar Bowl claimed the snowboarder was trespassing in an area that hasn’t been open to the public in five years…and that he put others at risk.


    • Candace

      Right, cause you never see a skier do something stupid!
      I am a snowboarder and my husbands skis. Every time someone has run into us, it was someone on skis! I have seen a fair share of both that are stupid on the mountains. The last person on skis to hit my husband sent him to the ER to get his leg stitched up.
      Don’t be so quick to judge, not all boarders or skiers are the same type of people.


        There’s a reason why we don’t want you at Alta. Christian Mares has the typical snowboarder attitude.

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