Utah Governor’s ‘Que Pasa? Here’s your doobie’ comment on marijuana raises eyebrows

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Speaking at his monthly press conference Thursday, Utah governor Gary Herbert made clear his stance on medical marijuana.

When asked if Utah could become the 24th state to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes, Herbert said "there's a pathway to get that done," provided certain research and control measures are met.

"I think the discussion is now at hand, the time is nigh, to see if we can find a pathway forward on this," Herbert said. "But I'm not interested in having Dr. Feelgood out there say 'Yeah, yeah. Qué pasa? You know, here's your doobie for the day and you'll feel better.' That's probably not where I want to go."

The Utah State Legislature's 2016 General Session begins January 25, and lawmakers are slated to consider a pair of competing medical marijuana bills.


      • Matt

        But of course, Utah isn’t against intoxicants. The number 1 medications payed for by the LDS provided medical insurance are opioid pain killers followed by anti depresses followed closely by amphetamines like Adderall and Ritalin. Interestingly enough, medical Marijuana can take the place of all of these medications.

      • Jimmy Conway

        +The Fuzz I didn’t get burned. I am not Lds nor a state legislator. Matt’s comment has no bearing on what I said.


    You think that driving in dangerous now, wait till we get all bombed up and playing with our phones to boot!!

  • alicia

    No offense but you need to be out of office because you have no clue about what you are talking about! Screwed everyone over multiple times now this. Just do us all a favor retire and find an cave to live in. Your personal beliefs should not be in office simple as that!


      Just because Salt Lake City voted in a lesbian mayor doesn’t mean the rest of Utah is so screwed up. Don’t like him Alicia? Then vote for the Democrat that goes up against him this coming November. Maybe the next guy will do better that Cook and Corroon did.


    In the 2010 special Utah gubernatorial election Gov. Herbert beat Peter Corroon 64% to 32%.
    In the 2012 election he beat Peter Cook 69% to 29%.

    Questions is what do Heidi, Juan Carlos, Spongebobsquarenuts, and that fool Job F have in their resumes? Looks like the idiot here is Job F and his loser buddies.

  • Spencer Reid

    He is just doing what the Church wants, not having an Individual thought. If it is done right for the Medical reasons. There would have to be a prescription written. It is not like you could go to a Doctor and have him hand you a Joint or a Bag of Weed. Utah needs to join the 21st century


      What Gov. Herbert said is that it is against Federal law and they are the ones that should step up to the plate and resolve the issue. If you don’t like him Spencer you’ll get your chance to vote for some Democrat that won’t do any better than Cook and Carroon did.

      • hightek

        Ridiculous argument, typical stalling tactic. Easy to blame the feds knowing that the current conservative congress is incapable of doing anything.

        23 other states have figured this out and legalized medical marijuana without any problems from the feds. If this idiot had any actual empathy towards the suffering of others, he’d get medical MJ passed and, if the feds said anything, claim the states rights argument as they like to do when it has anything to do with religion.


        I noticed that you call Gov. Hebert and idiot but don’t mention your bona fides. Are we getting the opinion of a brain surgeon or one from a high tech sanatation expert? If you don’t like Gov. Herbert for heavens sake don’t vote for him next time.

  • Tiff

    Dr. Feels good already does that with xanex, percocet, and Lortab among many other drugs. Just go to the VA and watch all the zombified vets go in to get their drugs from “Dr. Feelgood.”

  • laytonian

    Dr Feelgood? That’s Xango Juice, DoTerra, Amway, and all the other ninny-silly pyramid scams that DO diagnose people.
    It’s the Brigham City doctor who operated the “pill mill” and all the others ensuring that Utahns are the most over-medicated people in the country

  • hightek

    Let me get this straight. There are people out there who are suffering. Suffering because you, and people like you, won’t allow them access to medication that will ease their pain.

    And you’re cracking jokes?

  • Cody Allen

    elected to a second term. Getting too comfortable in office and careless. Unfortunately that is the status quo amongst elected officials.
    I don’t foresee an issue with just legalizing it altogether.

  • Steph

    Look at colorado and washington and california and new jersey!! Do they even still exist?? All mayhem broke loose and the apocalypse hit them pretty hard, when adults were allowed to make thyere own decisions…

    And a racist person from utah?? What a surprise!!! Jk we’re waaay better than that here m, what a sad day when one of our leaders is an a$$hat..


      Mexicans may be American or they may be Mexican but either way they are a nationality and not a race. Play your racist card somewhere else Steph.


    For all the potheads and stoners among us ….. If you don’t like Gov. Herbert feel free to vote for his opponent this coming November. Maybe that dude will be more successful than Cook and Corron were.

    In the 2010 special Utah gubernatorial election Gov. Herbert beat Peter Corroon 64% to 32%.
    In the 2012 election he beat Peter Cook 69% to 29%.
    Que pasa!

  • Laurence Sorden

    I can’t help it on this one guys!!!
    This is the perfect example by our Utah Governor that shows the ignorant, backword and hypocritical point of view that shape’s the policy’s we have to live with here in this State. This is truly amazing….I realy hope these “representatives” get some “edumacation” before more people have to live with the decisions of this gross, illiterate, misunderstood way of thinking!!

    P.S. really a Doobie with Dr. Feel Good….wow!

  • Jared

    Marijuana is a benefit to man kind I my self can’t take medicine from the pharmacy because of my mthfr mutations that would poison me if I take them. I have heart problems and the solution is medical marijuana. It’s time for Utah to take the step!

  • therealnursekate

    As a pediatric RN who for years has watched small children get prescribed horrible drugs with MAJOR side effects it is so incredibly sad for me to see our governor speak so ignorantly. Medical cannabis is much more safe, has so many useful applications and little to no side effects. I’ve known families leave the state so they can provide safe medical cannabis treatments to their children, which is unfortunate. I find Gov Herbert’s comments racist, uneducated and extremely unfortunate.

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