5 reasons you should buy an electric car

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Amy Wildermuth, Chief Sustainability Officer for the University of Utah, along with Kate Bowman from Utah Clean Energy tell us why now is the time to purchase an electric car.

Top 5 reasons now is the best time to buy an electric car.

1) Clear the air! With winter inversion season in full swing, switching to a car with zero emissions is a no-brainer. Vehicle emissions contribute to nearly half of all criteria air pollutants (the most harmful types of air pollution) in Utah. By switching to electric vehicles, we can help reduce air pollution immediately.
2) Never pay for gasoline again! When you make the switch to an all-electric vehicle you can expect to pay about half as much to charge your car than compared to fueling a gasoline vehicle. And that`s at today`s lower gas prices.
3) EVs are fun to drive! With high torque, a low center of gravity, and no gears to change EVs deliver a smooth and quiet ride. The regenerative braking technology actually allows you to charge your battery when you slow down for a red light, or coast down Parley`s Canyon.
4) Peace of mind! EV`s have far fewer moving parts and therefore require less maintenance. No oil changes, no spark plugs, no transmission fluid, etc. All in all, electric vehicles are less expensive to maintain than conventional vehicles and require fewer trips to your mechanic.
5) Get a great deal! Through the University of Utah`s 'U Drive Electric' program, you can save thousands of dollars on a new electric vehicle, but only until January 31. Coupled with state and federal tax credits, the savings on electric vehicles are really amazing. Eligible models include electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from BMW, Ford, and Nissan. Visit http://www.udriveelectric.org for more information.

For other tips on what you can do to improve air quality this inversion season, visit UCAIR.org or click here. 


  • Apologist JD

    Reasons not to buy an electric car:
    1. It’s immoral to forcibly take other people’s money to fund your purchase, but that’s essentially what you’re doing with all the taxpayer-funded subsidies that are required to make the price anything close to what you can afford.
    2. Reliability is terrible. It’s almost certain that the battery will fail within 5 years, leading to costly repairs on top of the fact that other maintenance is already high on electric cars.
    3. They aren’t actually environmentally friendly. This is especially true if your electric power comes from fossil fuels. But even if you are powered by something renewable, you’re still talking about batteries that fail and are environmentally hazardous beyond what comes out of a tailpipe.

    • LogicDesigner

      1. Electric car subsidies are absolutely minuscule compared to oil industry subsidies. We’re talking less than a billion a year compared to several tens of billion a year. They also phase-out in a few years, whereas oil industry subsidies will last forever unless we wear ourselves off of oil. Want to put terrorists, Iran, and Russia in the poor house? Drive an electric car.

      2. There was a lot of fear-mongering about reliability, but it turned out to all be bogus. For example, the Chevy Volt has been on the market for five years now and owners are reporting virtually no battery capacity loss. The battery is looking like it will be one of the longest lasting components of the car. Tesla’s batteries are also holding up great as well.

      3. The Union of Concerned Scientists did a study and found that in the vast majority of the country, driving on the electric grid is significantly cleaner than driving on gasoline. Only in the heart of coal country, such as places like West Virginia, would it be worse. Also, lithium ion batteries don’t just get thrown into the garbage dump since they can be recycled infinitely.

  • nobody

    One reason not to – they suck! The taxpayer should not have to pay for these two women and their stupid advice.

  • Trace

    First, TAXPAYERS shouldn’t foot the bill for these. Second, they pollute through Power Plant Generation. Third, Electricity is going to SKYROCKET in COST now the BARRY did the Back Door CLIMATE REGULATIONS.

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