Olympic skier Picabo Street arrested for pushing dad downstairs, locking him in basement

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PARK CITY, Utah - Picabo Street, an Olympic skiing champion, was arrested in Summit County after officers said she pushed her father down the stairs during an argument.

Authorities said they were called to a Park City home on Dec. 23 for a reported fight.

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When officers arrived, Street told them Roland Street, her 76-year-old father, had pulled her hair during the incident and that she had pushed him down the stairs and locked him in the basement before she called 911.

Officers said Roland told them the altercation started when he was leaving the house and bumped his vehicle into the house in the process.

He said Street got very angry and started yelling at him when the pair took the fight inside the house where it turned physical.

Roland told police Street grabbed his shoulder and shoved him down the stairs.

He told officers he fell down two flights and may have hit his head.

Roland also got several cuts on his elbow and neck.

The pair told officers the fight happened in front of her three children.

Street is now facing charges for domestic violence assault and domestic violence in the presence of children.

She is due in court Feb. 16.

Street won Olympic gold while representing the United States in Nagano, Japan in 1998 in the women's Super G. Her accolades also include a silver medal in women's Downhill in the 1994 Lillehammer games in Norway.



    When released from jail Picabo won’t be allowed to return to the home. Based on her mug shot she’s lived a very rough life.

    • Drew

      Oh are you the judge and prosecuter? She’s probably a 1st time offender she will be back out soon and maybe not back at his house but they wouldnt just not let her see or have any custody of her kids,she didn’t do anything to them.


        When you’ve been arrested for domestic violence you aren’t allowed back into the home during the cooling off period.
        Nobody said she couldn’t see her kids you idiot.

  • Me

    Actually, she looks tired and ashamed. Not everything is drugs. Also, DV in the presence of a child won’t keep you away from your kids.


      No, DV won’t keep you from seeing your children but short term it will prevent you from returning to the home where the assault occured. There is something going on in Picabo’s life that isn’t good.

  • Jeremy Davies

    If I may make some assumptions as well… It appears she is taking care of her Dad, since he is living with his successful daughter. I highly doubt there is any history of violence. She does not looked drugged out; she looks very tired. There are 2 sides to this story and that is obvious. I wonder what his mental state is. The entire family deserves some compassion in this situation. She is a local hero, if judging is really necessary, let’s do so after a guilty verdict.


      Sorry Jeremy but Picobo’s mother was judging her while she was making her 911 call. You don’t yell and scream at your 76 year old father and then push him down the stairs because he banged the car into the house because of the snow.

      My sympathies to her father and mother.

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