‘Where White People Meet’ billboard taken down

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah -- A billboard advertising the online dating site “Where White People Meet” has been taken down.

Dave Goldberg with Compass Billboards said the contract with Where White People Meet expired and that’s why it was removed.

He added it was not taken down because of complaints.

Sam Russell, creator of the dating site, said he wasn’t happy about the decision and is working to get a new billboard up.

The billboard was located along State Route 201 in West Valley City between 5600 West and 7200 South.



  • little white girl

    If it was for any other race, it would still be up. I’m so tired of being called a racist cuz I’m white. This story shows who the racist people really are!

    • anotherbob

      Devils advocate here, the story does clearly state that the sign was not taken down due to complaints but that of the contract expiring, if you had bothered reading the story you would have seen that part. The owner of the site needs to renew his contract and get the ad back up.

    • bob

      If it was for any other race it would still be up…..IF they paid for an extension. Billboards are only up for a limited time. You have to pay to keep them there. This one clearly achieved its goal.

    • KellyEAndrews

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  • Cornelius

    Now he doesn’t have to put it up again. He just got more exposure than a single billboard could ever give him.

  • S. Beck

    There are dating sites for; blacks, Indians, Christians, Mormons, Asians, old people, seniors, fishermen and more, I see nothing wrong with a Caucasian dating site – and I live near Berkeley!

  • Zo

    Racist? No. Redundant? Yes. The reason white people meet is not needed, is the reason the minority sites are needed. I pretty much joined just about every dating site out there and after scrolling through thousands of white faces whose profiles said they were looking for every ethnicity except black I pretty much just got frustrated and went to one of the minority serving sites. Whites dominate every dating service out there. I see no problem with it, but it is redundant as hell.

  • joe blow.

    that’s bs she had a fantasy and wand to get laid. that family is so dysfunctional. there all couch cases.

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