Suspect caught on video stealing packages from Salt Lake County homes wanted

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah – Unified officers are searching for a suspect accused of stealing packages from homes in the Taylorsville area.

According to the Facebook post, officers said the suspect has won an all-expenses-paid trip to the Salt Lake County Jail.

“The trip will include a stay in one of our spacious prisoner housing units along with complimentary meals prepared by the finest inmate chefs in the whole county. We will also provide him with his very own package! In this package will be a bar of soap, a toothbrush, and some slippers!!!”

Officers said they would like to speak with anyone who could have information about the suspect.


  • anotherbob

    Pretty good picture of the guy, hope they get em. I wager he is stealing to support a drug habit, it’s always the case, don’t become a loser druggie like this guy.

  • Rick

    If people would spend a few minutes to look around their area after the delivery van leaves, this guy would turn up fairly quickly. I would dare bet that he’s shadowing the deliveries, not just happening onto the packages at random…
    It would be sad to hear that this thief had slipped and fallen [repeatedly] on somebody’s sidewalk and gotten hurt.

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