UPDATE: Clemson baby in middle of internet debate is real

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GLENDALE, Ariz. – Football fans are continuously reliving and analyzing the Alabama-Clemson match up in Monday night’s College Football National Championship… but it’s a fan’s baby that the internet can’t stop talking about.

A Clemson fan brought her newborn, complete with noise-cancelling headphones, to the University of Phoenix Stadium.

The baby appeared to be sleeping despite the noise, which has some asking if the baby is, in fact, real.

Some have even implied the “baby” was an adult beverage carrier in disguise.

Now Fox 13 has received an update from the family themselves.

Turns out the baby is real!


  • GracieB712

    This little boy is my best friend’s grandson. He is most definitely real and most definitely adorable!

  • Kelly

    That baby is most definitely real! I’ve held him in my arms and he is quite the charmer! He made it through the Oklahoma/Clemson game and this one. He’s a trooper!

  • Sanchez Banchez

    This baby is real! He was just released from prison for grand theft auto and selling crack cocaine within one thousand feet of a school. Somebody report this newborn scofflaw to the Glendale PD!

  • Cornelius

    This baby is real. I just sold my lifetime collection of toenail clippings to a guy who told me he knows someone who said this baby is real.

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