Daybreak residents speak out against proposed land development

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah - The Daybreak community in South Jordan spoke out against land developer Kennecott Land Tuesday night during a planning commission meeting.

Kennecott had hopes of building 15 three-story town homes on a plot of land in the development, but home owners said the proposition brought about safety concerns, and that the plan wasn't what was promised to them when they moved in.

"When we moved in they told us about the pool," said Jill Thatcher, a homeowner in Daybreak. "They promised a pool would go in on that plot of land, and now they're going to add town homes? That's just crazy."

Other homeowners showed up to the planning commission meeting Tuesday night expressing similar concern.

“When you propose something to get someone to put some money in your pocket, and then they switch it, it's just not right,” added Jeff Hyer, who bought his home in the community 10 years ago.

Reaching out to Kennecott, the developer said:

"The parcel in question has a designated land use of M – Retail, Multi-family or otherwise.  The proposed use, town homes, pool and parking, are consistent with current land uses in the immediate vicinity.”

Officials at the city of South Jordan confirmed Kennecott's statements were accurate. Even still, residents say they operated under the assumption the development would be a pool. They also argue that if town homes were built instead, it would only add to crowded streets and dangers that already exist since that piece of land sits next to a school.

“The streets are already so narrow," said Brooke Hyer. "And with so many cars already and the school there, that’s the main concern."

Thatcher agrees with that statement, even adding that her car side mirrors have been swiped off three times. But pool, or no pool, Thatcher said, that was not her concern.

"Most people just want the area to remain safe," Thatcher said.

According to residents at the planning commission meeting, a number of councilmen as well as the city mayor asked Kennecott to reconsider their application after listening to residents concern.

Residents say the developer refused that suggestion and talks with the city about the development are ongoing.


  • Jeff colas

    Funny I never wanted the entire day break thing to be built and those people to move in around my house and land out there anyway that I lived there for 30+ years. so forget you people and your pool problem

  • anotherbob

    And what do you think the people that lived out there before Daybreak was built thought when they heard about all of the homes and people coming out there? Seem very hypocritical to move to a new(ish) development and then complain about more development… The population is growing and homes/businesses have to go somewhere, who cares about your precious pool.

  • Terry W

    Daybreak is a master planned community with recreational spaces and community buildings such as a center , pools, lake and schools, it was that plan that we were buying into. In order to sell a house you have to pay a transaction fee to the developer as well as your on going HOA fees for the running of those facilities. My point is simple we bought into the plan and continue to pay for it, so the plan should be respected by the developer. I guess you can say who cares on this news story which is a fair point but the residents certainly have a right to contest the developer’s assertions.

  • LJY

    I’m glad that Fox 13 is covering this story, but this really isn’t about the pool. During the public hearing, the predominant issue discussed was the safety of the school children. This is the primary issue and the one that the media should be focusing on. Thanks!

  • Jeremy

    I love this!! People move in to high density housing, and are opposed to more high density housing?! And citing safety concerns?? I agree with others. Seems hypocritical to me.

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