Utah company making guns safer with fingerprint trigger lock

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SALT LAKE CITY -- “If we can set it up so you can't unlock your phone unless you've got the right fingerprint, why can't we do the same thing for our guns?”

President Obama asked this question during his announcement of new gun control measures Tuesday.

A Utah company is delivering the answer.

“We’ve been working on Intelligun for almost eight years now, we finished where you see now almost four years ago,” said W.P. Gentry, owner of Kodiak Industries in West Valley City.

The company makes the Intelligun. A grip that fits on a 1911 handgun, locking the trigger unless the correct fingerprint is sensed.

“That same pressure sensor identifies when it’s left your hand and automatically relocks the firearm,” Gentry said.

“I grab a hold of it and that’s when I can shoot the firearm,” Gentry said while demonstrating the weapon.

Gentry’s ‘smart gun’ has a sensor that reads a fingerprint in under a second. Once the fingerprint is positively identified, three green lights light up to indicate the weapon can be fired.

As part of his push to curb gun violence, President Obama has ordered to Department of Justice to study the impact ‘smart guns’ can have on reducing gun violence.

It’s a push that could benefit Intelligun sales, but Gentry said only if smart technology is a choice, not a requirement.

“If you want a firearm it’s your right to go have one," Gentry said. "If you want a firearm with this level of safety and technology, that’s your right to choose if you want that as well.”

The company is developing a grip that will fit on other handguns.

Kodiak Industries is not the only company making ‘smart gun’ technology. Competing products require the user to wear a watch or a ring to unlock their firearm.


  • Anil Petra

    This is not a safety technology. It’s about giving the government and its agents the power to turn off every gun but their own. It’s an instrument of oppression, abhorrent to our constitutional and civil rights.

  • freewill

    so theres an intruder in the house and nerves on edge as it is and you grab your spouses gun and the intruder is not stopped..or maybe somebody forgot to change the battery..

  • Observer

    If the government and gun-ophobes hadn’t poisoned the conversation by being so extreme and underhanded in their rhetoric and behavior, then people might have considered this technology to be a sensible and useful tool. Given the current political environment in our country, I don’t see any reasonable person purchasing the product.


    Perhaps the Secret Service guarding the President of The United States should volunteer to try these gizmos out.

  • Daniel Gray

    Too bad they never got it to work properly (sarcasm intended) the stupid thing failed 16 times out of 22. Makes just as much sense as stamping an ID into the bullet, thus causing the casing to be thinner and less safe meaning that it could blow up in your face

    yea real safe Obama.

  • MentallyArmed

    Are you f****** kidding me? You guys are supposed to be all about the free market, so an independent company decides to build a safer gun, because they want to, and you guys get mad at the president. If you don’t want the gun then don’t buy it, but I’m sure that there is a healthy markets for people who want their guns safe.

    • Cornelius

      Wow! Settle down. If you read the article you might notice that it begins with a quote by President Obama. They are making valid points. Law enforcement, secret service, military, etc. will never adopt this technology because they don’t want to trust their lives and the lives they protect to an unreliable system. I, too, prefer my firearms to be ready to be fired at any moment whether I position my finger in the exact right position during an adrenaline filled moment or not. I want to be able to let my friends take some shots when we go out shooting without programming their fingerprint in first or making sure the batteries have been changed. I don’t doubt that there is somewhat of a market for these guns, but they will never be mainstream. These commenters never told the company not to make them. They simply stated that it is a ridiculous idea for anyone who wants their gun to work reliably and that they would never buy one – exactly what you said they should do.


      Nobody takes uneducated people that are unable to express themselves without dropping the F bomb seriously.

  • Richard

    this is a very good alternative for some people. it should not be mandatory. gun owners should have training and a license just like owning a car. some people feel that since they have had guns in their family for years that training or extra evaluation is not necessary. there have been guns in my family for generations and we had them down without a thought. but our vehicles we make sure they are trained and licensed with periodic evaluations to ensure we are still safe and capable vehicle operators. We lose our driving rights because of medication, physical impairment, mental lapses. These should be the same for owning weapons. regular test of ability and mental and physically fitness


      Nothing in the US Constitution gives you the right to drive your car Richard. The 2nd Amendment clearly gives me the right to own and bear firearms, and it says nothing about having to obtain a permit in order to enjoy that right.

      • Realistic

        My question is what happens if you are wearing gloves in cold weather or just plain old shooting gloves like SWAT teams, Patrol Officer’s, and Military use? Oh hold on assailant….. I have to take my gloves off before you shoot at me. Time out! The idea could be useful for those that want to own a gun specifically for sport, but this will never work in the mainstream markets,

  • Abraham

    That is great for preventing gun accidents but I’m sure the bad guys won’t bother with that type of gun. The only way to reduce gun violence is to profile,profile and profile . But we can’t do that, somebody might get offended.

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