West Jordan teen in custody after allegedly headbutting his mom, threatening her with machete

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WEST JORDAN, Utah — Police booked a 15-year-old boy into juvenile detention Saturday after the teen allegedly threatened his mother with a machete he had received as a Christmas gift and also headbutted her.

Sgt. Keith Bronson, West Jordan Police Department, said officers were called to a home in the area of 6300 South Dixie Drive in West Jordan regarding an ungovernable juvenile around 4 p.m.

Police learned that the teen had been playing a board game when his mother asked for some help around the house. The teen refused the request, and an argument ensued. The game was tipped over during the argument, and the teen demanded that his mother help him find all of the pieces, but she declined and instead went to her room.

Bronson said that the teen responded by grabbing a machete he had received for Christmas and threatening his mother with the weapon. The teen allegedly headbutted his mother, hurting her nose.

At that time the mom called 911, and police arrived to take the teen into custody. He was booked on aggravated assault and assault charges. The identity of the suspect has not been released, as he is a minor. It does not appear the teen has a previous history with legal troubles.



    This little monster deserves an extended stay in juvenile detention. He’ll be allowed reading materials but will be told when to get up, go to bed, and exercise. I question the wisdom of giving this little monster a machete for Christmas. If and when he ever returns home it should be gone.

    • Sally Mae

      Yes, cause a news story tell you what’s happening in this boys life that would make him do such a thing ???? He isn’t the monster…I hope to hell he does get an extended stay in Juvy,,, he is going to need help for years to come.. If DCFS would ever actually help him instead of allowing him back into that very same home, this most likely would never have happened. NOW maybe someone in the system will protect him.


        How dare a mother ask her son for some help cleaning up the house. And yes Sally Mae, headbutting your mother is always an appropriate response to her foolish request for help.

  • That1chic

    Back in the day, we got our butts beat. This is what happens when parents refuse to parent. Boundaries, discipline, teaching the kid to respect authority.

  • Sally Mae

    If you don’t know this family its easy to judge… I hope the kid stays in there.. trust me he is SAFER. He doesn’t have a history with police but she certainly does and it’s not a good one. Pretty sure there is a very huge backstory FOX missed. It might not ever be a good idea to give a kid a Machete unless you need it to protect yourself from what happens INSIDE your home.


      You’re wrong Sally mae. This little puke certainly does have an arrest record with the police on aggravated assault and assault charges now. If convicted of these charges in juvenile court it would place life time limits on the type of jobs he could get as an adult.


      Is it possible that Sally Mae has a love interest in this little juvenile delinquent? It is decent society that is safer with this little animal in detention.

    • Trying to understand

      I think what everyone is trying to tell you Sally Mae, is that it doesn’t matter how horrible his home life is. Headbutting your mother, and threatening her with a machete is never the answer. Even if the system has failed him. From your posts it seems as though you believe the situation warranted his aggressive behavior. Maybe mom was beating him, and this was his response to stop the abuse… Still NOT a good idea.

      And seriously, who gives a teen a machete?!? It’s like they forgot it was Christmas and ran out to Walmart to get gifts as they were closing.

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