Report: Adult son fatally shoots father who killed three people in Los Angeles County

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LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif. — A 33-year-old man is reportedly in custody after he shot his father on New Year’s Eve, and the father had allegedly killed his son’s girlfriend, friend and bedridden mother in a residence in Rowland Heights.

KTLA in Los Angeles reports deputies responded to calls about a gunshot victim just before 9 p.m. local time Thursday. At the residence, authorities found four people dead: two men ages 54 and 27, and two women ages 48 and 54. All had suffered gunshot wounds.

KTLA, citing the L.A. Times, reports the 54-year-old man had allegedly shot and killed his son’s bedridden mother, his girlfriend and a friend, and that the motive behind the shootings was still being investigated.

The son, identified as 33-year-old Christopher Morey, then reportedly wrestled his father to the ground, took the gun and fired once–fatally striking the man. The son then called police and was arrested.

“We’ll see what the D.A. wants to do,” Lt. John Corina told the Los Angeles Times. “We’re going to book him for what he did — he killed another human being. The district attorney will decide if it was justified.”

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    Typical attitude of law enforcement in California: Try to protect your own life and get arrested for it.

      • If he's not lying he will be released

        Jean, the article doesn’t say he was charged. Bit says he was arrested. Police can arrest a suspect and provide all information to prosecutors who will then decide if someone will be charged. If he’s not lying he won’t be charged and will be released.

    • samarena41

      my first thought at first, but then, how do we really know what happened ? no witnesses, it seems, and police will have to take son’s say so at face value ? suppose the son shot everybody, then tried to pin it on his father ? what’s crazy is a million dollars bail for a self-defense claim, but then, again, I’d think the judge probably agreed with the prosecutor that suspect is a flight-risk.

    • C

      Sounds kinda funny, he didn’t intervene until everyone else was killed? Why not intervene when the first shots went off

      • Mic

        Really? You don’t think there are a hundred different scenerios we could create that would justify why the son “didn’t intervene” until the others were shot? He might have been in the other room or could of tried to intervene in the first place and just wasn’t quick enough.. point being, none of us were there, so no don’t create stories that paint someone in a bad light.

    • Rick Gile

      They have to arrest you so they can investigate. We dont know that this is the true story. What if it was the son who shot everyone? Ever think of that before you posted your comment??

    • Michael Smith

      Probably arrested until investigators figure out what exactly happened. But if it turns out to be self defense he should be cleared of everything.

    • Steve

      How do you know the son didn’t kill them all? The police were right to arrest and detain until he can be cleared as a suspect. Just because someone says it was self defense doesn’t make it so.

  • Gail Neduzak

    maybe the son was out..and came in on the mayhen..who knows what the story is..maybe girlfriend and friend were caught to gether and son killed them..will be a big we wait till we know all the facts..

  • ViciousAlienCrab

    What the? We’ll charge him for killing a person ( who killed three others and would’ve killed him as well). I guess that BS known as Stand Your Ground Law only applies when killing minorities. The police have to be the worst they have ever been in the entire history of law enforcement and it appears every where in the country.

  • Mike Morales

    He is sitting in that choked out county jail having to deal with the horror of losing his mother and friends when all he did was use a gun in self defense. Poor use of police discretion.

  • Necrophage

    The son put down a rabid dog. I pray he is set free. What an awful thing, having to kill your own father.

  • toxicdelirium

    The son put down a rabid dog.
    I pray he is set free, especially after his tragic loss.
    I can’t even imagine how horrible it would be to have to kill your own father.

  • Game Changer

    Only in the communist libral socialist pacifist state of california. guilty until proven innocent. How long can they hold him on suspicion pf murder without actual evidence other than his comfession of putting down the perp? Los Angeles and surrounding communities just need to suffer a major earthquake and drop off into the pcean never to be heard from again. This isnt law enforcement. This is criminal behavior by the tiny brained lunitics in leadership positions.

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