Watch the best hoverboard falls and fails of 2015

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Mike Tyson Hoverboard fail

Hoverboards, for better or for worse, are the craze of 2015.

From Darth Vader to Mike Tyson to Santa himself, no one can escape the allure.

Not even The Force can guarantee you stay upright on these spacecraft.

We have complied some of the greatest hoverboard fails from this galaxy and beyond.

The video below proves why Santa should always take the sleigh, not the hoverboard.

Even those with immense athletic skill aren’t guaranteed safety.

Baseball player Dan Uggla fell off a hoverboard while listening to Justin Bieber.

His wife kindly posted video of the event on Instagram.

And parents on hoverboards for the first time… Poor parents.

And we aren’t sure how this woman doing a handstand on the hoverboard thought it would end… but we saw this coming.