What is the absolute worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

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He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake... but truth is, even after all that research, some of the Christmas gifts may have missed the mark.

Fox 13 News wants to hear about the absolute worst Christmas/holiday gifts you have ever received. Bunny pajamas? Toilet paper? A re-gift you had previously given them?

Tell us about it and post your videos and pictures. You could see them on TV!


  • Darren Mcclish

    Who wrote this headline/question? Is it too much to ask that they rework/respell the question so that it makes sense? Should it read: What is the absolute worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received? or Should it read: What is the absolute worth of all Christmas gifts you’ve ever received? 1st example could be answered with “fruitcake”. 2nd example would have to be answered by first remembering everything ever received; second knowing the value at the time received; and third attempting to put all values in current dollar numbers after inflation.

    I am going to guess the first example is what was intended. Since I’ve actually never received a fruitcake, I would have to say I’ve never received a “worst” gift as the intention of the person giving me a gift cannot have a value attached to it. Essentially the intent is priceless, no matter the dollar value or practicality of the item. ________________________________

  • Finny Wiggen

    I gotta say. This is as selfish a topic as I have ever heard a reporter write about!
    It is a gift! They didn’t have to give it to you! You sound like a spoiled child.

    Say thank you, and grow up!

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