Woman arrested for riding motorized cart through Walmart while eating chicken, drinking wine

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Mug shot: Josseleen Elida Lopez | Courtesy: Citrus County Sheriff's Office

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — A woman was arrested for allegedly shooting up meth, then riding a motorized shopping cart through a Florida Walmart while eating stolen food.

According to a report by WFLA-TV, 20-year-old Josseleen Elida Lopez shoplifted and consumed $32.36 worth of food, including cinnamon rolls, mini muffins, most of a rotisserie chicken and wine.

The report said a loss prevention employee took Lopez into custody, then contacted the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office and reported she had been acting suspiciously while driving the motorized cart.

Deputies found two empty syringes, one in Lopez’s purse and another in her backpack, according to WFLA.

Lopez faces charges of shoplifting and possession of drug paraphernalia.



    Useless human debris without any redeeming qualities. She’s the kind of person Hillary is counting on to vote her into office.

    • DAN GRAY

      Just because Josseleen has a Spanish surname doesn’t mean Ms. Lopez is here illegally. Donald Trump only has problems with illegal aliens who sneak in through an unlocked back window.

    • Finny Wiggen

      I don’t support Trump, but let’s be honest. This woman is FAR more likely to be a HIllary supporter. Trump stands for hardwork, for being above the law, etc. While Hillary stands for welfare, skirting the law, etc.

      This kind of an individual is far more likely to support Hillary than Trump. I think they are both idiots, but you still have to be intellectually honest, and call someone what they are.

  • bbunsenattractsflieswithsmellofyouknowwhat

    I am going to say she looks more like an obama supporter to me, maggot

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