Suspect in custody after armed Logan homeowner fends off burglary attempt

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LOGAN, Utah - A serial burglar's streak came to an end Thursday morning when he broke into the wrong home.

North Park Police say 32-year-old James Merritt of Logan walked through an unlocked side door to the family's garage. At some point during the robbery, Merritt woke up the homeowner.

"He heard some sounds out in the garage," said Kim Hawkes, North Park Police Chief. "The homeowner was armed and did discharge the weapon into the ground in an effort to hasten the retreat."

Chief Hawkes said Merritt then tried to flee to his vehicle, but had a difficult time getting away.

"He ran into a mailbox, causing damage to the vehicle, and making it easier to locate him,” said Chief Hawkes.

Police found Merritt's car at a nearby Wal-Mart just 30 minutes later. Merritt is now in the Cache County Jail facing three felony charges for multiple home burglaries, and a misdemeanor charge for car theft.

Additionally, police are looking into whether or not Merritt is responsible for other thefts in the area.


  • beavissucks

    Democrats/liberals would prefer to leave you unarmed so that the thief in cases like this could have killed the home owner or raped his wife or kids or WHATEVER he wanted to do.They prefer that responsible gun owners have NO guns yet leave the thugs armed.IE,chicago,washington DC etc.They also hate it when a story like this is publicized.


    Liberals want to know what drives pukes into a life of crime. Conservatives want to remind pukes of the occupational hazards associated with their life of crime.

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