Christmas tips for divorced parents

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Therapist Lacey Hancock shares tips for divorced parents on how they can help their children survive the holidays.

  • Why are holidays so stressful for children of divorce?
  • Child is dealing with holiday stress of TWO households
  • Anger about the divorce often resurfaces
    • Memories of how things used to be
    • Old traditions are broken
    • Blended family issues
  • Tips for Parents
  • Avoid “split time” drama
  • Don’t Compare

Avoid turning the holiday into a competition of who can provide the most fun – movies, light shows, plays, entertainment.

  • Avoid giving gifts with “strings attached”
  • Focus on the time you DO have with your child rather than the time apart
  • Be mindful of unintended guilt placed on child
  • Don’t over question your child (if there’s time)
  • Overall - Be supportive and positive

Help your child pick out a present for the other parent.

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