Democratic debate: Candidates target Trump; Bernie Sanders apologizes to Hillary Clinton

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(CNN) — All three Democratic presidential candidates — front-runner Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley — focused significant time attacking Donald Trump at a debate in New Hampshire.

Clinton called the Republican front-runner “ISIS’ best recruiter” and Sanders said Trump wants lower wages for the bottom socio-economic class.

O’Malley said that the United States “must never surrender our American values to racists, must never surrender them to the fascist pleas of billionaires with big mouths.”

Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders also apologized Saturday night to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton for his campaign aides gaining unauthorized access to Clinton’s proprietary voter files, but he denied that his campaign had actively tried to steal them.

“Not only do I apologize to Secretary Clinton, I want to apologize to my supporters,” Sanders said at a presidential debate hosted by ABC News.

Sanders added that the incident is not reflective of a campaign he wants to run. Clinton said she accepted the apology, and Sanders vowed to fire anyone else working in his campaign who behaved inappropriately regarding the use of Clinton’s data.


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    All did pretty good. I am relieved it remained civil and mutually supportive. There is such a huge noticeable difference in how democrats debate compared to how republicans debate. How democrats debate is how you wish we handled differences in this country.

    • SIRIUSXMSTATIONSMAKEMEPUKE if only the democrats knew how to run the country we would be fine.Instead lets attack religion,god,free speech,traditional marriage,vilify police and our military,encourage race wars and rioting,open the borders for terrorists and millions of illegals we can’t afford,give the illegals huge tax returns and whatever is needed to get them to vote democrat in the next election,blame terrorist attacks on videos,promise whatever handouts are needed to make sure another democrat gets elected to keep their agenda going,spend as if their is no limit,let ISIS kill with no consequences,etc.
      Good thing they know how to debate though.I am surely going to vote democratic in the next election.All I want is a good debater in the white house.Can’t have any “racists” that want to control border crossings or keep terrorists out of our country in office……..Don’t you just hate those racists that want to do that??
      Imagine wanting to keep our country safe,absolutely horrendous idea……

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