Activists in Salt Lake City block gas station entrances for 27 minutes to protest Exxon

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Activists blocked entrances to the Exxon gas station on 4500 South and 500 West in Salt Lake City Saturday as part of a protest.

They stood for 27 minutes, a symbol of a decision 27 years ago that they said misled the public on the negative effects of climate change.

The protesters believe scientists knew as early as 1977 that one of Exxon’s main products would heat up the planet.

“We think that if the company had made a decision, back then, to be forthright about what its own scientists were saying, then we may not be in the position we're in now,” protest organizer Paul Wickelson said.

Activists in Utah said they're just one of the many groups around the world fighting for change Saturday.


  • Ivan

    Guess what the climate has been changing since the time that the earth first got an atmosphere. No amount of protesting will change this. Adapt to the changing climate or become extinct.

  • anotherbob

    These protesters are idiots, they are not causing any changes they are simply pissing off the motorists that wanted to simply stop there and get gas. And if it’s a motorist who prefers to only buy Exxon gas then some drivers may have gone up to a mile out of their way to get to the nearest Exxon station. Lastly no, one single company doing things a bit differently 27 years ago would not have thrown off global warming enough to even be measurable. Thank you Paul Wickelson, today was hectic enough for last minute Christmas shoppers but you no doubt added some extra headache to some motorists just trying to get gas. Go head and tell all your friends and social media what a great fighter for the planet you are.


      Typical mentality of liberals who are on welfare, think the world owes them a living, and are totally useless parasites.

  • freewilltwo

    i cant stress this enough…the Forests of Alaska used to be Iceburgs, There was an ice age, anti-Christians insist evolution be taught in the schools , so then teach it!!!

  • mr. ed

    Actually about 5 percent of the global warming is contributed to vehicles. Livestock contribute to the problem more than any other source by a massive amount. Eat more cattle and cool the climate lol. Actually on another note fossils show the earth had a tropical climate at one time. It’s just running a global seasonal cycle.

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