College student has curfew for health as she waits for Gift of Hope

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Imagine having to be home each night at a certain time or your health could suffer.

Truc Tran, 20, has been waiting for a kidney so she can get back to the business of living life.

Tran is a student at the University of Utah.Tran

“I go to the U of Utah in finance and hope to further my career in finance and accounting field," Tran said. "I work for a tech company and do human resources and stuff and want to further my career.”

Tran looks like any other college student; she likes the games and loves to snowboard.

While she appears healthy, she was diagnosed with Lupus; at the age of 16 she was told she needed a kidney.

“I hook myself up to a machine," Tran said. "It has a bag. I hook myself up and it drains. It fills my peritoneum with dialysis. It does that for nine hours at night.” Tran 2

Tran also loves to travel but she can't with dialysis and unlike other college students, she has to be home each night.

Plus there is always a high risk of infection called peritonitis.

“It was the most painful thing ever," she said. "I had to be carried to the hospital ER and had to be in the hospital for a week.”

Tran 1To get off dialysis, Tran needs a kidney.

She talked to Dr. Thomas Chaly, a local transplant doctor who could be her surgeon if a kidney becomes available.

After four years of waiting, both she and Dr. Chaly are hopeful it will happen soon.

doctor chaly says “It changes their lives completely," Dr. Chaly said.  "They are able to travel and they go on with daily activities, hang out with family and lead a normal life. The joy we can give them in that regard is unmatched.”

To be an organ donor, say yes on your driver's license or state ID card.

You can also go online to sign up at

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