Bald Eagle named ‘Uncle Sam’ attacks Donald Trump during photo shoot

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Donald Trump was recently asked to grace the cover of Time Magazine. Eagle attacks trump.

“Uncle Sam” the bald eagle was invited to join him, because what could be more American?

However, “Sam” had other ideas… he wasn’t exactly on his best behavior.

The eagle gave Trump more trouble during the photo shoot than all of the other presidential candidates combined.

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  • Dan Gray

    Trying for sensationalistic headlines are you? The bird did not “attack” Trump as you claimed. It nipped at him to warn him not to touch it as it would have done with anyone who dared do the same thing as Trump tried to do, or any animal. Its called a defensive measure as it did not know if Trump was trying to harm it or not. Geeze and then you wonder why people dont trust you in the media.

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