Utah man’s viral story about cheating on wife has a twist – and everyone loves it

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SALT LAKE CITY - A Utah man is getting a lot of attention on the internet for a Facebook post... about him cheating on his wife?

Don't worry, it's not exactly what you think.

Jason Hewlett said he thought he "sort of cheated" on his wife.

He said he eyed another woman in the checkout line in Target.

Courtesy: Tami Hewlett

Courtesy: Tami Hewlett

"I thought, 'Wow, some lucky guy is with her,'" Hewlett said.

Until moments later, he realized he was the lucky guy; it was his wife in line in front of him.

Neither knew the other was going to the store and they both wound up there at the exact same time.

Now Hewlett is getting lots of online praise for basically a love letter to his wife.

Hewlett's post has received so much attention his wife has responded with a post of her own online.

Below is a photo of Hewlett, his wife and their family.


    • Artsy

      I am amazed at finding so much envy in this post. So what if it was done with the purpose of going viral? It was a nice post and many women would be feeling really good about reading something like this. Obviously those who criticized this post so strongly never had a true loving relationship that lasted. Maybe their wonderful somebody may found them after they soften a bit… I am just saying…

    • Christine

      Yeah, because only Mormons feel guilty for looking at other women. I totally forget that all of us heathens are awful cheaters who treat our significant others horribly. Pull your head out…

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