Utahns discuss gun regulations in wake of mass shootings

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SALT LAKE CITY -- We need tighter gun control: that’s what you’ll hear many people saying after the recent mass shootings in San Bernardino and Colorado Springs. And President Barack Obama is urging lawmakers to take action.

“When these events happen, there's always a call for more gun control and that does spur sales. Sometimes, a lot,” said Dave Larsen with Doug’s Shoot’n Sports in Taylorsville.

When the national conversation turns to gun laws, many customers come to stock up: unsure if the political forecast will include more regulation.

By their standards, Utah as a state already has it pretty good in the gun law arena.

“We are arguably one of the most permissive states when it comes to firearms,” said Clark Aposhian, Chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council.

That’s because, he said, there’s “No waiting period, you can do private transfers, no weapon restrictions, no magazine restrictions.”

He said they don’t think gun control is the right direction to head in. Instead, he’d like to see a crackdown by the federal government in enforcing existing laws.

But with the Utah State Legislature kicking off their session next month, the Utah Democratic Party said it’s possible they’ll see talks on the topic.

“I think there will be some more discussions about, again: How can we make our communities safer?” Democratic Party Chairman Peter Corroon said. “That's what we want to see.”

He, like Aposhian, doesn’t want the conversation to focus on gun control. But he does think something needs to give.

“I think we need some changes and they need to be reasonable changes,” he said.

Corroon mentioned background checks as one of those possible changes.

Back at Doug’s Shoot’n Sports, Larsen said they’re seeing a busy holiday season. The shop and range are bustling with customers, with some waiting to see how politics will move forward in the face of tragedy.


  • joe schmoe

    What were discussing is making gun free zones illegal and moving to constitutional carry..now those are common sense gun laws

    • Apologist JD

      You’d feel the same way if you were a power-hungry, would-be tyrant looking to subjugate your fellow men. It’s funny how this was the purpose of the Second Amendment, yet nobody wants to talk about it when we have gun control debates. Which regulations are common sense regarding weapons when viewed in the context of the Constitution? None that restrict citizens, only the ones that prevent the IRS and EPA, among others, from having their own special forces teams. I’ll vote for the politician who takes that position.


    Democratic Party Chairman Peter Corroon is your typical liberal. Probably why Gary Herbert beat him 64% to 32% in the percent of the vote to Corroon’s 32 in the 2010 special election for governor.

  • Chris

    The shooting where from terrorists, they found smashed computers etc. Also bombs have been found that thankfully did not go off. Guns laws won’t fix anything. Going after terrorists will. ISIS said US would be attacked, well now it has again. Maybe the Dems should not have jumped the gun and used this act of terror for the political ambitions. Also shaming people for praying for the victims. How low can you go? Dems have lost my vote.

  • Tom

    Sounds to me like we need to get rid of some Democrats… Darius and everything is more gun control more background checks will California has the most restrictive gun laws in the country including but these Democrats want everybody to have and it didn’t help them so obviously gun control doesn’t work in the Democratic Party’s platform is take guns away from the public even though they know their gun control schemes don’t work we need to enforce the 25000 more gun laws that are already on the books no more plea bargaining for gun crimes and mandatory sentencing

  • Cornelius

    “How can we make our communities safer?”
    I would say our communities are quite safe compared to the anti-gun law capitals: New York, Chicago, the state of California. Passing more restrictive laws hasn’t really helped them become safer.

  • From the Basin

    France and Belgium have very restrictive laws on firearms, grenades, and bombs. That worked so well in Paris, where El Presidente recently informed a very shocked assemblage of international leaders that mass shootings only happened in the US. This was two weeks after terrorists killed *100 people* in France in mass shootings.

    I’m more interested in how Ms. Malik was vetted into the US – and I am wondering why, despite reports in the media that some of the weapons were purchased for the couple by a third party, we are seeing neither California or Federal action on what appears to be a “strawman” purchase. Note that California has “mandatory background checks” and criminals love it here because they have access to a lot of defenseless victims.

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