Police say ‘sluffing’ the motive for student who reported seeing gunman at Pleasant Grove school

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PLEASANT GROVE, Utah -- A lockdown and heavy police response was initiated at Pleasant Grove High School Thursday after a student reported seeing someone with a gun, and police said the student who reported the sighting made the false report in an effort to skip out on some kind of school activity.

FOX 13 News' Jeff McAdam reports police confirmed that the student who made the report has admitted they made it up. Mike Smith, Chief of the Pleasant Grove Police Department, said the student was "sluffing" and trying to get out of some sort of school activity.

The student is accused of making a terrorist threat and could be facing felony charges in connection with the incident, Smith said. The student's identity has not been released.

The lockdown was lifted around 4:15 p.m., according to a post from Pleasant Grove PD.

Kimberly Bird of the Alpine School District said at 2:40 p.m. the school was on lockdown and no students were allowed to leave as police searched the school room-by-room. At about 3:50 p.m., the police department stated that reports the lockdown had been lifted were inaccurate, but a second post made about 25 minutes later stated the lockdown had been lifted and all students were being released.

A post on Twitter appeared to show SWAT personnel searching and clearing a classroom, see below for that dramatic footage.

FOX 13 News first began hearing reports of the incident around 2:20 p.m.

Bird said the situation began when a student reported they had seen another student with a gun, and she said they are taking every possible precaution to ensure the safety of everyone involved. There was a large police presence at the school, see the video below for footage from that scene.

FOX 13 News' Bob Evans was near the scene and interviewed a parent who has a daughter attending the school, Shaun Wadley.

"She sent me some text messages, she said she's on lockdown and that she's really scared," Wadley said.

Wadley said his daughter told him there was somebody with a gun and that the school was going into lockdown. He said his daughter was in a classroom when she sent the text messages.

"All together scary," he said. "It's no good, man, we need more gun control...I am concerned, you know, any parent would be with all this response going on. Like I said earlier, hopefully it's a wild goose chase and it's a BB gun or a paintball gun, you know, we only know what we've been told so far... everyone, as you can see, is on edge."


  • McKenna Peacock

    Are you kidding me? More gun control? Maybe if it wasn’t a GUN FREE zone the kid would not have been so confident taking a gun in there and someone could have stopped him/her already.

    • Mike

      So if it wasn’t a gun free zone the kid wouldn’t have had a gun there? Come on now, read what you write before you post it…

      • McKenna Peacock

        You read before you post. I said if a place is a gun free zone then someone will feel confident taking in a gun knowing no one there can stop them because they have no protection.

      • McKenna Peacock

        Your comment only makes sense if someone follows the law. Clearly a student taking a gun into a school is not interested in following the law.

  • Matt

    I’m listening to the police scanner and the lockdown has not been lifted, they are currently moving students to the gym and going classroom by classroom in the main building

    • Matt

      The “new” gym to clarify, checking students as they enter.

      “Officers are surrounding the ‘new’ gym and will not let anybody in or out.”

  • Lindsey

    The Lockdown has NOT been lifted according to the Pleasant Grove Police Department Facebook page from 5 minutes ago:
    “Pleasant Grove Police Department
    5 mins ·
    If you received an automated message from the high school stating that students have been released, that is NOT CORRECT. At this time, the school is still under lock down.”

  • Matt

    Just heard there might be a confession? Police said negative but not confirmed. Gathering everyone in the new gym, school administration to say whether the students can be released to go home. Then police will clear the main building of the school

  • Joe America

    More gun control, seriously!?!? Please people why don’t you just tell the government to come and burn your homes down and train you off to a concentration camp while your at it! I’ll keep my guns thanks!

  • Jeremy Hall

    Why do we stupidly call for “more control” at every incident. A weapon hasn’t even been found and likely won’t be. This will (likely) be something a kid made up but had to be treated as real. So stop shouting gun control. We have in control, just enforce it as written and quite trying to punish law abiding citizens to assuage your fears.

  • Dale

    Your president and every bleeding heart liberal wants more gun control…….If the good guys were packing……bad guys will be falling!!! Get a grip……bad guys will ALWAYS have weapons!!!!
    Like · Reply · Just now

    • Cornelius

      if we already have too many guns in America, tell my why the only people that seem to have guns are the psychos that go shoot places up. Why have we created situations where all the victims can do is call someone else with a gun and wait 15 minutes for them to show up and use it to stop a shooter? Just because you think guns look scary and would never consider touching one doesn’t mean that responsible gun owners aren’t completely capable of becoming at least as proficient in their use as police officers.

  • Chris

    Why do Utahans call it sluffing? The rest of the country calls it skipping or ditching school. I even had a teacher that came from out of state tell me when she first heard that term she was like what is that?

    • Cornelius

      Why do they call a car hood a bonnet in England? Why do some people call soda a pop or any type of soda a Coke? Why are samples called tasters and shopping carts, buggies?

  • Jacob Whitaker

    The kid should have just built an improvised explosive device (IED) to school. Instead of getting arrested, he would have got invited to the White House.

  • Nate

    I think we have all seen video clips from an us singer that all of a sudden have a wide array of views and all sorts of types
    of remarks in Mandarin or any other language from a nation very distant.

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